Chancellor Olaf Scholz has addressed Ukrainian war refugees and urged them to look for work in Germany. In return, he offers them the prospect of a residence permit.

At the “RND on Site” stage talk of the “Editor’s Network Germany” in Potsdam on Saturday, Scholz said: “We want those who are here from Ukraine, as long as they are able to work, to work now.” The Chancellor expects this after the state has already paid for integration and language courses. That’s why “we now want to encourage many people to work with a big job boost.”

Scholz linked the work with a residence permit and promised: “In Germany, anyone who works here and does not incur any debts is pretty sure that he or she can stay here.” He guaranteed that “over employment” and “residence security” arise. Despite some Ukrainian refugees already working, there are “a few hundred thousand more who are urgently needed on the labor market.”

Germany is now only the export winner when it comes to Black Forest cake. Foreign observers have written off the German economy for the time being. They are amazed at the comfort and lack of work of the people, who they had originally considered to be particularly hardworking.

The ESC is a celebration of life and tolerance. But the truth is that the tolerance of the ESC community ends when it comes to Israel. This means that these supposedly cosmopolitan people are missing out on a great opportunity.