Warm welcome in Sochi passengers refused to fly on a hot plane

In Sochi airport passengers escaped from the hot aircraft waiting for departure. The Board was preparing to fly to Moscow. Technically the aircraft was in order, but his conditioning could not compete with the climate of the resort — it got hot in all senses, informs TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Before the flight found a scratch on the plane. While the mechanics examined the nature of the damage, some customers refused departure. On the plane things are not so simple. If people refused to fly, that should come to the security officer, shall remove the baggage, all of this watch. This aircraft is not the way to get off the bus,” — said the press Secretary of airline “Victory” Elena Selivanova.

it Turned out a chain reaction: while the security service searched the Luggage of the objector, the rest of the passengers waited in the cabin. It was hot and the air continued to heat up. To stay in Sochi chose ten passengers, but others have stood the test — flew almost like a sauna, but the flight has passed normally. The plane landed in the capital without incident.