Was weird, there were dirty: dead friends in Moscow told about the killer

June 18, in the North of Moscow there was a horrific incident, which killed two women, child and man. Already clear that the attack on the family made a 21-year-old Sevastian Putintsev, who harbored feelings for 22-year-old Elizabeth Glubinoi, but could not come to terms with her loss. A friend, a neighbor and friend of the murdered told what was the relationship between the pair.

Friend of the injured girl said that the young man who committed the massacre, was weird. His behavior has worsened particularly after the army he became weird dress were dirty and shabby. In addition, changed his way of talking. For example, Sevastian could make some spontaneous action, threw “strange jokes,” according to “360”.

According to a friend of the couple, they had not seen before that fateful day — for two to three months. Elizabeth said broke up with her boyfriend and does not want to have anything to do with him.

a Friend of the deceased girl said that Putintsev was jealous of his beloved to everything, because they broke up but soon reunited. Finally, the pair broke it off in March.

According to a friend murdered, she never heard that she had a child. She believed that it was the brother. We will remind, the tragedy also killed a four year old boy.

Another friend of the victim said that the guy after the breakup is constantly chasing the girl, forced to change accounts in social networks and phone numbers.

the Network had gone live, which shows how a young man singing under the Windows of the deceased’s Serenade, confesses his love for her and asks for forgiveness.

following the incident, the investigating authorities opened a criminal case. Law enforcement officials have to understand all the nuances of the incident.