Wash@Home connects users who are short on time with Washers and Couriers, enabling Washees to offload their laundry to individuals seeking to make money from their own home and/or vehicle.


The process could not be simpler. Washees use Wash@Home’s easy to navigate app, placing items in their basket.

Wash@Home provides a range of different services, including:

  • Laundry washing and drying
  • Folding
  • Hanging
  • Ironing
  • Dry cleaning

Washees select the service they require, choosing pickup times between 7am and 11pm to suit them. Washees can opt to have their laundry collected from their home or place of work, or alternatively drop off and collect laundry items themselves. Pickups and deliveries cost $4.50.

The Washee then completes the checkout process. Once the Washee has placed their order, they will receive a notification updating them on their order status. Washees can pay via PayPal, Android pay or Apple pay, or by using their credit or debit card.

Wash@Home is currently implementing a referral scheme whereby users who invite friends to sign up using a personal invitation code receive 10% commission on their friend’s first order.


Wash@Home presents a unique opportunity for anyone with access to a washing machine to become a Laundry Day Hero, lightening the load for busy professionals and parents and earning a significant income in the process.

Washers can earn up to $1,500 a month, earning cash on their own schedule. The Wash@Home app enables Washers to take orders, track payments, and cash-out on earnings seamlessly. Washers can offer a variety of services, including washing, dry cleaning and ironing.

Once a Washer receives an order, they have 48 hours or longer to fulfil the order if the Washee selected the ‘normal’ delivery speed. If the Washee opted for the ‘express’ service, the expected turnaround time is 24 hours.

Washers receive 75% of payments, with different laundry items and services charged at different rates. To become a Wash@Home Washer, a person must have three things:

  • The desire to make money
  • A little free time
  • Access to a washing machine

By following a few simple steps, Washers can start earning in no time using Wash@Home’s 100% secure app.


For people with their own transportation such as a car, motorcycle or bicycle, Wash@Home presents an exciting opportunity to earn attractive commissions collecting and delivering laundry, helping to lighten the load for busy Washees.

Couriers can drive or ride their way to extra cash using the Wash@Home app Wash@Home Couriers set their own schedules, choosing the hours they want to work between 7am and 11am, and working as little or as much as they like. Couriers earn $2.50 per order and are paid on completion. To withdraw funds, they simply enter their card information in the app settings once earnings have accumulated for one week.

Wash@Home provides Couriers with as much work as they can realistically handle, depending on their mode of transport and the number of current active orders. The platform is completely flexible to the Courier’s needs, enabling them to choose exactly when they want to work and decide how many orders they wish to take in a day (within reason).

Users can switch between roles on the app. For example, if a Courier decides they want to become a Washer they can simply change their profile settings, subject to submitting the relevant information for approval.

The Wash@Home app is available for download on Google Play and via the iPhone App Store. A minimum order spend of $10 applies, with prices varying depending on laundry items, services, and location.