Washington Post: in the United States develop the tactics of information war against Russia

U.S. cyber command is developing the tactics of information war against senior Russian officials and businessmen in case Moscow will try to interfere in the election of 2020.

currently, measures are being developed against the Russian special services, military men, representatives of big business. As another method, the paper calls it disinformation, designed to sow discord in the work of the Russian leadership.

According to the newspaper, the us military has been developing options to counter external threats, to withstand the possible interference in the elections of 2020 in the US, reports TASS.

In November 2018 was attacked by Russian “Agency of Internet research”. The cyber attack was carried out during the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress; it was approved personally by President Donald trump.

In 2017, the U.S. cyber command was converted into a separate full-fledged entity of the Department of Strategic command.

In “Agitprop” of January 12, 2019, the experts will consider some of the principles in the psychological war against Russia.