Investors aren’t easy to convince. They will be tough on you because they only want the best results. They will decide against investing in you if you can’t prove anything to them. Therefore, if given a chance to present, you can’t mess it up. These are some easy tips to highlight the uniqueness of your ideas and why they’re worth investing in.

Explain the inspiration 

You need to describe how you were able to think of the business idea. Tell a story to make it interesting. You can also inject funny anecdotes in the process. The origin story will show that your ideas are unique and based upon existing problems you want to solve.

Compare it with the closest available product

Before the investors even notice the similarity of your ideas with an existing product, you have to do it yourself. Talk about that product and why your idea is still better. Point out the possible issues with that product and what you did to improve it.

Discuss your brand and target audience

It’s also possible that what you’re selling isn’t too unique, and already exists in the market. You can still stand out by discussing your brand. Point out the target audience who will feel impressed with your brand. For instance, if the existing product targets upper-class buyers, you can talk about how your cheap offers would be viable. Of course, you can’t say that the quality is poorer, so you decided to sell it at a lower price. The goal is to have a point of comparison and highlight your brand.


Talk about the cost

Investors don’t mind spending a lot of money if they think it’s reasonable. However, you still need to talk about how you will use the amount that you’re asking for and when they will see the return of their investment. After all, it will be a risk for them. They want to check if the risk is worth it.

Always be positive 

Even when asked tough questions, you need to stay positive. Show that you’re confident about your ideas and you’re willing to take the risk because of how good the business will be. However, if they point out issues, you can take note of them and talk about how you will address any problems along the way.

Prepare the room

You’re not only selling your ideas. You’re also selling your entire team. If you look prepared for the presentation, it’s a good thing. It shows that you take everything seriously. Make sure you have a projector wall mount to guarantee that the projector will work properly. You also need the best sound system, so you sound clear while presenting. The investors will feel impressed when the room is conducive to the meeting.

Prepare well for this big day and make the investors realize that it would be their loss if they decide not to invest in you. There are other potential businesses where they can spend their money, but they’ll be in good hands if they choose you.