the Leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has explained why she called the passersby who gave money, “slaves” and “serfs”. According to the politician, in these words there is nothing wrong, because they are true.

Zhirinovsky said: “Yes, we are all slaves”. In confirmation of the politician listed the indicators of this: “Powerless, horseless, homeless”, reports RIA Novosti.

the Leader of LDPR has explained that the word “boys” is just derived from the word “slave” and “boys” are young people who do not have work rights and live in poverty. Zhirinovsky also explained, why considers some serfs. In his opinion, children are dependent on parents, and they in some cases are dependent on the offspring. “This is serfdom, it is no need to be ashamed,” — said the politician.

According to the leader of the liberal democratic party, people need to give more money than he gave on red square because “the people need this help.”

Sunday, 5 January, Vladimir Zhirinovsky visited the main square of the country. The politician spoke with guests and residents of the capital. The leader of LDPR was not confined to words — it gave some people a thousand rubles, accompanying it with the phrase: “children, the disabled, who else? Orphans, serfs, and slaves”.

the Head of the state Duma Commission on parliamentary ethics Otari Arshba said that the Ministry will discuss the statement of Zhirinovsky. Policy spokesman Alexander Dupin, in turn, said that none who came to Red square was not offended by the words of the leader of the LDPR. In addition, the statement Zhirinovsky was taken out of context.