In the United States said goodbye to George Floyd, who died at the hands of police. To the funeral came hundreds of people, but the burial itself took place without cameras. In the country, continuing mass protests, which remained unanswered. So, the authorities of the state of new York are preparing to adopt two laws that increase control over the actions of the police.

the ceremony was closed to the General public. Conduct of George Floyd’s last journey was made not more than five hundred people. Do not compare with thousands of public ceremony on Monday. About four hours relatives and friends of Floyd took condolences from politicians, public figures and preachers. Most attendees dressed in black, the family of the deceased in white. Through the tears each of them spoke from the podium. Including made lunges at the side of us authorities and accused them of the incident.

“Stop the crimes of hate. Please! Someone said, “let’s Make America great again”. But when America was great? These four officers pinned my uncle to the asphalt almost nine minutes! It’s not just murder, but a crime of hate,” says the niece of George Floyd brook Williams.

Among the guests were a lot of American celebrities. Including actor Jamie Foxx. Not in a mourning mood. In the course of time signing autographs, smiling broadly, posing for photographers. And to comment on the protests that are ongoing in the States for three weeks.

“It’s an evolution of the protests. The military and the guards you see everywhere uniting whites and blacks, adults and children. Inequality in the United States — a long and very painful. And now we have a chance for anything to change,” — says actor Jamie Foxx.

don’t miss the opportunity to cheer on a tragedy in their ratings and the candidate in presidents from Democrats Joe Biden. He had already talked to the family of the deceased personally, and now has recorded a video message to all the mourners in death of George Floyd. Thus, according to the scientists, providing more support for black Americans in the upcoming elections.

“We have no right to turn a blind eye. It is impossible to leave it behind and think that we can again afford to ignore the racism that hurts our souls! It is impossible to ignore the systematic violence poisoning American life,” says former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

After the funeral, the coffin with the body of Floyd hoisted the snow-white carriage drawn by white horses, and taken to a suburb of Houston, where George Floyd was buried next to his mother. At the cemetery, the journalists were not allowed. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans across the country continued protests, demanding to limit the powers of the police.

the authorities have to heed the demands of demonstrators. So, the city Council of Washington approved the reform of the police. Under the new rules, the guards will not be allowed to use choke holds, as well as to disperse protesters with rubber bullets and chemical irritants. In the state of new York for chokes will now be criminalized. The ban on choke holds and even teaching they are administered and the power of Houston and Phoenix.

Now, say political analysts, President Trump, it seems, will have to heed the demands of demonstrators. Although earlier he said that no police reform will not. And his next goal is to resume his campaign. Meanwhile, protests have led to other consequences. In the United States has dramatically increased the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. In particular, it contracted a number of soldiers of the Washington national guard units of the United States, who were supposed to maintain order in the city.