We invite everyone in the Crimea: the head of the Republic told about the beginning of the holiday season

In the Crimea, removed the restrictions imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus, and offers a full tourist season. About the situation on the Peninsula in an exclusive interview with channel “Russia 24” told the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

– Sergey V., very pleased that you agreed to give us an extensive interview on many issues that would be interesting to articulate for the audience the Russian Federal TV channel. Well, first and foremost is the removal of restrictions and the opening of the tourist season. Here is how you will work in a pandemic?

– Well, you know, first of all, thanks to the tough measures that were enacted before the release from quarantine, we managed to keep the situation under control. Today in Crimea, a small amount on the General background of cases – a total of 575 people during the whole period of observation, respectively, 389 people recovered and 20, unfortunately died during this period. That is, the dynamics is relatively decent, we see that in comparison with other constituent entities of the Russian Federation, we have quite a good background there. In this case, of course, is the opportunity we have to start working practically all spheres of activities from June 15. Well, a significant portion – over 50 percent of the areas of activity – have been allowed to work since may 18. But we are almost all, without exception allowed. We were not working today, in fact, only cinemas, theatres, i.e. public spaces, and saunas. Almost all other spheres of activity today – they are allowed to work. Of course, in compliance with the requirements of the CPS, that there are other options today there.

We decided: 15 June was opened by domestic tourism. That is, today Crimeans can go without any restrictions in hotels and motels. Accordingly, from the 15th of June was withdrawn by the compulsory observation for all citizens of the Russian Federation who arrive in the Republic of Crimea. It’scourse, will give the possibility of including the private sector today to tourists are accustomed to go to certain places. Well, as of July 1, we are in principle fully open tourist season for residents of other regions of the Russian Federation. At us from 15 June have the opportunity of booking on 1 July all tours.

And, of course, we invite all to the Republic of Crimea. Of course, I want before that all Russians and citizens to apologize for the harsh measures that were adopted before, but these measures were necessary. I mean a mandatory room in the Observatory. Well, decisions were made relevant when we have the flow of people potentially who had to go to the Observatory, read off scale all conceivable limits. Relatively, today we have 1335 beds in Observatory in total, per day is discharged about 50 people, and coming to the Observatory of potentially more than 1,000 daily.

15 the number increased the number of visitors to the Crimea?

– You know, we have a number of regular flights has grown. That is today about 50 flights daily aircraft only performs, in General, of course, the dynamics went. That is, 20 percent on an average day an increasing number of arriving and coming through the Crimean bridge. But in General, this is a natural situation completely. All rushed to the Republic, well, in this case, people wanted to relax. The desire was to come but did not allow conditions.

– we are Talking about domestic tourism. That is, for citizens. As for foreign nationals?

– a Room-visual observation – while a prerequisite, including for citizens of Ukraine, those who cross the state border of the Russian Federation. While exceptions in this plan.

– That is, they can come in, but…

– With the room, with the obligatory serving in the Observatory 2 weeks. No, today, in General, the border is closed. We’re talking about? Of citizens of the Russian Federation and has a residence permit in the RussianOh Federation that come with the territory of Ukraine and other States. They go to the Observatory. And the entry of foreign citizens to date, closed by decree of the government of the Russian Federation. So today foreigners to enter the territory of the Republic of Crimea in the Russian Federation can not.

– what’s the story with the water we have going on? Once a week for sure there is information that in the Crimea remained water for 3 months, and 3 days. How true is this? We show photos of the dry Simferopol reservoir. Do not drinking enough water or substitute for the concept?

Today we are talking about the water shortage in the city of Simferopol exclusively. In General, in the Republic of Crimea, problems with water for household needs today is not, well, in the sense that we did have some settlements in the countryside, where he carried out supply of water. Unfortunately, given the drought, the number of such settlements increased by almost 2 times. Now 75 settlements of the Republic of Crimea, villages, brought water. But the water supply is carried out regularly on a permanent basis. While we have a deficit, indeed, only in the city of Simferopol. Needless to Simferopol reservoir today filling volume is 22 percent of normal volume. In total, the city of Simferopol is powered by three reservoirs with a total filling volume today, 30 percent of the power claimed. Consequently, water today in full, and drinking, for the city of Simferopol (more than enough – ed.) for 90 days. In this case we have the last days come rain, today’s inflows – more than 120 thousand cubic meters per day in the Simferopol reservoir. However, we understand that we have the consumption of the city of Simferopol – 160 thousand cubic meters per day of water. That is, if the trend continues, we can see the weather, thank God, has changed some, we have this question will remove itself.

However, we wouldwhether the steps taken and the measures we’re literally here on the Day of the Russian Federation, on the occasion, has filed more than 25 thousand cubic meters of water in the water supply network of the city of Simferopol. This is from Bakhchisaray intakes. June 26, additionally, will provide 20 thousand cubic metres of water. That is a quarter of the volume we will block at the expense of other sources. This will reduce the strain on our reservoirs.

today, Plus worked a number of events. The Federal government now agree upon and have prepared investment package justifying the cost of the event is the transfer of water from Taganskogo reservoir. We have freed a certain amount of water previously. This water was transferred to Feodosia and Kerch, today it is recorded since some intakes – Nizhyn, Prostranstvo and Novogrigor, respectively. And water volume of 60 thousand cubic meters per day, additionally, you can transfer to the city of Simferopol. Distance – 60 kilometers. Tomorrow we end audit, we have a working group is Krymenergo and Grimwade have been, are feet the track itself. There is a proposal and the opportunity to reduce the highway from 60 to 45 kilometres, partly cutting off a number of areas. Time works in principle for large companies – that are now sitting technologically thought – may be 4.5-5 months only. That is, given the lack of today we have work 44 of the Federal law, we have made changes in the Republic of Crimea, such decisions were taken at the Federal level, that is, we will be able to sign a contract along with the design of one day almost. Well and, accordingly, will give the opportunity to the end of the year is almost to provide the city of Simferopol in full even in drought conditions standard drinking water. I want to just remind you that this year over 150 years of observation is the most arid in the territory of the Republic of Crimea. The least amount of rain fell.

You all the time.me talking about precipitation. This has to do with weather effects, i.e. drought, or due to the fact that closed the North Crimean canal?

No. Precipitation is a weather phenomena. The more we see that this situation is typical for other regions of our country.

– That is, the Simferopol reservoir is in no way associated with the closure of the North-Crimean channel?

Is in some way connected, the system itself, that is, the water supply of the Republic of Crimea, in General, and the provision of land reclamation was due, of course, from the North-Crimean channel. It was built specifically for this, including its function was to prevent waterlogging in the Kherson region, respectively, since water, when the Dnieper river overflowed, flooded pastures, fields of farmers and farms. Today we understand that the water is blocked, of course, has changed the water balance in General. We are more than a billion cubic meters of water received by the North-Crimean channel in the Ukrainian period, respectively, of which about 500 million cubic meters went to household needs, and the 700 million – on watering. And today irrigation is given only to 20 million cubic meters. So, of course, the water balance has changed, that is, the amount of water that enters the country has changed. However, for domestic use, we understand that we’ll figure it out on their own, that is, the Republic unaided, without Ukrainian water will calm out. That is, we do not experience. Of course, an adequate volume of water for agriculture would allow us to take another look at the situation, but believe me, none of us on the knees with this question not put, anyway. We adapt. We in agriculture have been certain changes over the last 6 years. With huge support from the Federal government, the President of the Russian Federation has undergone reformatting and repurposing of a number of crops from blagojavich on moisture resistant in areas where decreased Obeat water. Well, in fact, today agriculture is the focus of our activities, which shows an increase almost every year. So even in these circumstances, I think we extricate ourselves from this crisis.

Another Minister, taking up his post, the Ukrainian Minister I mean, sure touch the subject of irrigation of the Crimea, water supply to the Crimea. The same Denis Shmyhal the first thing said that it is necessary to solve the problem with the Crimean water and giving it. For hours he just changed his shoes in the air and said that no, we do not water give. What is it, why do they keep trying to… Is the impact on the Crimean or some sort of blackmail? Give – will not give.

– You know, the Ukrainian politicians, in my opinion, they have no real cases in the Luggage, so they can before their population to show the results of their work. So they are all PR on some impossible, well, really there are some fantastic promises. Tell Crimea there returns, something else. Well, it’s all crazy. Crimea no one ever returns. Crimea is Russian forever, and no one forces will not suffice in this case.

There have their own Crimean government, as far as I know.

– This is fake, totally fake. Clowning absolute in order to simulate activity in front of his people in this case. Show, supposedly, that they are doing something. Any activities that the government is not doing any value for us, it never has, we have no do not pay attention to the brand. Well, look, there are a number of mentally abnormal comrades. It refers to the members of the Ukrainian government and those who pass such decisions. What we are going to pay attention?

– so this is pure blackmail, sorry for clean water.

– Yes it is absolute nonsense! Moreover, I don’t even know it blackmail or is it just some kind of fantasy of an unhealthy person. Just would recommend: don’t listen to them and do not pay any attention to them, for they madezivania. No power and values they have. Neither the strength nor the ability to perform they have no political will. Therefore, all have long had to accept, and for them it would be better if they agreed that the Crimea is Russian forever. This was done by the decision of the Crimean people, respectively, by decision of the President of the Russian Federation and with the support of all citizens of Russia. So there is nothing they do not Shine, and the sooner they withdraw this subject from discussion, I think, the better for everyone.

– now of current Affairs. This is preparation for the national referendum. What is being done and, again, in a pandemic?

– In fact, in terms of the referendum, the main task is to preserve the health of citizens. In this case all the conditions are met – those that require the CPS, the Central election Commission: all the protection of citizens and, accordingly, the equipment of polling stations. We are confident that the Crimea is ready. Today we have a no questions asked, we are fully ready from June 25 to proceed to the vote and July 1 to complete it.

June 24, we will hold the parade in Simferopol?

– Yes, it will take. In the city of Simferopol will be held in the hero-city of Kerch on the territory of the Republic of Crimea. In Simferopol the decision was tough, taken at the parade. First, we considered all the possibilities, having estimated the forces, thought probably still a situation to monitor in full can not. But after my conversation with Alexander Vladimirovich. Dvornikova, commander of the Southern military district (we always stay in touch, thank you here to the Ministry of defence – we always render assistance in any situation), we agreed with colleagues that the Ministry of defence will conduct their own decontamination areas, that is, all streets in the area where the parade is, will help with the security cordon and so on. And, of course, it was the first time in 6 years, when directed Tothe eye, when I changed my mind. I never change, but only out of respect for the memory to our, to our relatives and friends, and in General to the story, of course, I love your solution for the first time it happened, changed.

– And veterans will be invited?

– we Will. Remotely would be the veterans in the stands, that is, each veteran will be taken away from home. All who will work with veterans, will be tested right there and for the day, and in the morning. That is, all precautions will be taken to ensure that no veteran is not infected and not risked my health.

– Tourist season, a large entry, a large number of citizens from disadvantaged in terms of epidemiology of the regions. Do not expect a second wave?

– You know, in my opinion, now everyone is talking about the second wave. That is all tell, what it will be. I do say that this coronavirus will live with us always, never, we don’t get it removed, and he’s not going away. It will be like SARS. After having invented the vaccine, it will be an ordinary disease like a cold. But he already have everything and there is nothing you can do. Then there will be less sick, more sick, one way or another, you just have to learn by these rules to live and work, that’s all. In my opinion, you just have to move forward, and today, thanks to the discipline of Crimeans, due to the fact that measures have been taken in this case of precaution, I mean protection from the possibility of infection, the decision of the Federal government, the President, we managed this situation to keep. Well, I say, in Crimea, a small number of cases on the General background.

– i.e. you can go?

– you can Go, Yes. But we citizens are asking what the best controller for you is you. In this case, your inner belief that you’re doing it right, if you use protection, if you comply with the social disthe Studio of dance station, if you are in public areas wear a mask and so on. These rules just cannot be forgotten. I am a principled decision was made: we do not penalize in this case, for the lack of masks in public places, although everywhere recommend and talk about what they should wear. But I believe that fines will not help in this case. Must work to convince the citizens so that they understand that this is their area of responsibility including the health of their loved ones.

– thank you very much. I think we can manage without Ukrainian water, but this is my purely subjective opinion.

No doubt even there. Manage without them!

And out of the coronavirus situation.


– Dry. Thank you!