In his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced billions in investments in the restructuring of the German economy.

“We make Germany independent of Russian energy imports. This restructuring will have an impact on Europe’s economies,” he said on Thursday. The companies are not left alone: ​​”We will invest billions in the transformation of our economy in the coming years.”

The 1920s were years of change and restructuring. Due to the necessary CO2 reduction, Vladimir Putin’s war may increase the pressure to act, but he is not the sole trigger.

Scholz described the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine as a failure. Referring to President Vladimir Putin, Scholz said: “He has already missed all of his strategic goals.” Russia’s capture of all of Ukraine seems “further away today than it was at the beginning of the war.” Putin also underestimated the “unity and strength” of NATO, the EU and the G7.

The goal is “very clear,” said Scholz. “Putin must not win his war. And I’m convinced he won’t win it!”

The Chancellor called for opposition to the Russian President’s claim to power. It’s about “making it clear to Putin: There will be no dictated peace,” said Scholz. “Ukraine will not accept that – and neither will we.” The chancellor emphasized that the Federal Republic was now delivering weapons to a war zone for the first time. “However, Putin will only seriously negotiate peace if he realizes that he cannot break Ukraine’s defenses,” said Scholz.

The chancellor warned of dramatic consequences should Russia succeed in invading Ukraine. “Putin wants to go back to a world order in which the stronger dictate what is right; in which freedom, sovereignty and self-determination are not due to everyone,” said Scholz, adding: “That is imperialism!” This was an “attempt to bomb us back to a time when war was a common political tool, when our continent and the world lacked a stable order of peace.”

A “system of international cooperation based on the ‘Never again!’ two devastating world wars,” said Scholz. The international community must continue to rely on multilateral cooperation, he stressed.