Arctic invasion will make its way to the South of Russia, and the Northern part of the country is on the verge of warming. Thursday was the coldest day of the Russian plain since the beginning of may. Because of the unusual late spring weather in the Moscow and Tver regions resumed, and in Veliky Novgorod extended the heating season.

the Central region at this time was literally covered with snow — it snowed in some parts of the capital. In Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions of the places it fell out enough to make a snowman. However, temporary snow cover was recorded only weather station in Leningrad region. In the last month of spring like this only happens once in 12-13 years, and this may, the snow fell twice. Never in the history of meteorological observations, the snow did not stay on the ground in these parts after the 15th of may.

on Friday, a cold atmospheric front will make its way to the shores of the Volga and the spurs of the Caucasus. Here the development of powerful cumulonimbus rainstorms sometimes can be very intense — more than 30 millimeters. In the lower Volga, Kuban and in Stavropol the cold will be accompanied by thunderstorms and squally wind.

on Wednesday, a cold atmospheric front passed through the region. In the Voronezh region the collision of heterogeneous air masses resulted in a water tornado. A vortex appeared on the don in the early morning and quickly collapsed.

Today, in the midst of bad weather will be Sochi. The most intense rains are expected in the second half of the day, and during the day the city will evolve to 38 mm m moisture more than 40 percent of the may rainfall. Arctic air masses are able to reach even to the coast of the Black sea, but Sunday-Monday and the flows in the atmosphere will collapse, and the Russian plains heat will blow from the Atlantic.

Today and tomorrow in Moscow this afternoon the thermometer will rise only to around 7-10 degrees above zero and on Saturday the rain can turn into snow. In Sunday will start warming: early next week the thermometer in the capital will show +17…+20 that may even slightly warmer climate.