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“Weather 24”: back to the showers


To the North-West of Russia storm is coming! Where the strongest clear wind? Whether the rain is just as powerful as the day before, on the Volga? And when the bad weather will reach his peak in St. Petersburg?

In the night on Monday under the impact of the disaster hit Saratov. The city, after heavy rainfall at the time was to move on the boat, hinted at that a group of young people. The rain was so strong that it washed away the asphalt on the streets and destroyed a portion of the embankment. And in the afternoon, the abyss of heaven opened up over the Rostov and Volgograd regions. The storm in Novocherkassk near Rostov-na-Donu was preceded by a dust storm. The wind raged and the Lower Volga. In Kalach-on-don, a storm damaged the roofs on residential buildings.

the storm and the showers associated with the advancing cold front. Night cloud field has covered the Middle Volga. Here places got about half of the monthly norm of precipitation. Not less extreme thunderstorms in the afternoon were held in Rostov and Volgograd steppes.

Today, the front section will shift to the East. At the same time from the West to the Russian plain breaks new batch of rain clouds.

earlier In the week got under the hand of Europe. In the South of Austria powerful rains even led to the flood. Flooded houses in Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Today, a warm atmospheric front will invade the West of European Russia. In the midst of bad weather will be Pskov, Novgorod and Leningrad region. Some places may fall more than 20-30 mm per day.

To St. Petersburg bad weather got in the second half of the day, and reaches maximum amplitude for the evening peak hour. According to the model estimates, to the Northern capital for 6 hours can lead about 12 mm of rain. Typically, such an amount of moisture in the city on the Neva is fixed for one week in June.

Even brighter element will manifest itself in the West, Leningrad region. For example, in Vyborg and Kingisepp per day can fall from 30 to 40 mm of rain. At the same time in the East the showers will be replacedTNO weaker.

As before, the promotion of atmospheric front will be accompanied by strong winds. The strongest gusts over 20 m/s, projected on the territory of Pskov, Novgorod and Leningrad regions to the West. Combined with heavy rainfall this can create problems with transport links, to provoke the cliffs of power lines and the collapse of the loose structure.

Text: Meteotest