Element in the South of Siberia is not appeased! Where are you moving storm that weekend destroyed a camp in the Krasnoyarsk region? Where the predicted heavy rains? And when the rains come in the arms of forest fire areas of the Irkutsk region?

this weekend, many regions of southern Siberia and the Far East are faced with weather disasters. In the Krasnoyarsk region, Kansk, under, drivers, Sunday stayed with the included emergency gang because of the heavy rain. Flooding after a strong rain appeared in the Irkutsk region and the Kuzbass. And some districts of the Novosibirsk region and the Baikal area was bombarded by hail. Chunks of ice riddled with not only greenhouses, but also killed poultry. Thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds. In Krasnoyarsk region a flurry of felled pine trees on cars and tents in a tourist camp near the lake Masleeva. One woman died, her daughter and three other people were hospitalized. Surprisingly, the closest meteorological station, located 17 kilometers from the scene of the tragedy, recorded only in gusts 15 m/s. But the rains in Siberia was truly extraordinary.

In the Novosibirsk region and the Kuzbass sometimes in just 12 hours fell more than half the July volume of moisture. The heavy rains in the middle of summer here happen only once every 4-5 years.

Today, the region again will increase the wind. Gusts in excess of 15-20 m/s will be observed on bolshej parts of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Another area of storms will cover the South of Yakutia, the upper reaches of the Amur river and Baikal.

Zone windy weather are directly linked to the fields of rain clouds. One array of clouds today will stretch from the coast of Taimyr Peninsula to the steppes of Kazakhstan, the other will cover a large part of the Far East. In the center of Krasnoyarsk territory and the Amur region precipitation will continue to be very strong. But on the lake due to the small anticyclone will stay Sunny and dry weather.

While some areas of the Krasnoyarsk territory and Baikal region at the weekend had heavy rains, others continued to burn. In half a day has increased the area of forest fires in the Irkutsk region. One of them was localized at a distance of about three kilometers from the village. To the monitoring and suppression of fires in the region involved 16 aircraft.

until Tuesday to significant precipitation in the Irkutsk region should not count. And the heat will increase. In Irkutsk today and tomorrow — up to +30 …+33. And only with the environment in the region are expected thunderstorms, can inhibit the spread of fire.

Central Siberia will pour rain for the entire workweek, and the temperature will drop. If today in Krasnoyarsk at about +29, same on Thursday and Friday the thermometer readings will not exceed 22 degrees, which is two and a half degrees cooler climate.

Text: Meteotest