the far East and Siberia in the fire — against the backdrop of the abnormal heat! Where today, the rains will slow down the spread of forest fires? Long delayed by the bad weather in Yakutia, where in the forests the day before introduced a state of emergency?

on Thursday, in the forests of Yakutia introduced a state of emergency. Taiga is burning in 10 districts of the Republic. In the Verkhoyansk area the fire was located close to the village tank farm. In the smoke were some settlements of the Kolyma river. Increasing the area of forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk region. In the Irkutsk region today to extinguish the fires started by the Il-76, shortly arrive in the region and the amphibian be-200.

a Large number of natural fires — a consequence of the abnormally warm weather combined with drought. In some areas of Yakutia, the average temperature on 5-7 degrees above climatic norm. The result was renewed absolute record heat recorded for almost half a century of weather observations.

Promote the fire element is clearly seen from space. On the satellite image company “Skaneks” marked all thermal spots corresponding to fires. As you can see, the greatest density is in the territory of Yakutia, the Irkutsk region and the Krasnoyarsk territory.

And in Western Siberia because of the large amount of rain of fires are relatively few. Thursday went under the water the streets of Novosibirsk and Tomsk. This locals haven’t seen — gushed several adjacent wells of the storm Sewerage!

Now the rains are expected in the East of the country will begin to affect the impact of cyclones. The most intense showers are to be held in the North of Kamchatka and the South-East of Yakutia. Some places can be about half the July volume of moisture. Such precipitation can reduce the rate of spread of fire.

In the capital of the Sakha Republic short thunderstorms are possible until Saturday. Temperature will be slightly cooler climate — in the afternoon +20…+23. Then the weather breaks. Andprecautionary statements thermometers will be closer to normal values. In the afternoon — up to +22…+25.

Text: Meteotest