Weather deja vu: when will the thunderstorms and come back warm?

the European part of Russia the whole week were dying of heat, and the epicenter of bad weather has shifted to Siberia. Last Sunday the extreme rains hit the South of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the river began to flood, due to the bad weather had destroyed two bridges, several roads blurry. In one of the villages of the region had to evacuate more than a hundred residents. Thus in the mountainous areas of the region, as well as in the Republic of Altai, the snow fell. And Kuzbass was filled with large hail, the size of which has reached the tennis ball.

At the same time on the Russian plain was established abnormally warm weather, the air is warmed, as in North Africa. Even in regions with very cold climate, for example, in the Komi Republic and Arkhangelsk region, the thermometer was able to overcome the mark plus 30 degrees is a record. And on the shore of the Arctic ocean, in Naryan-Mar, recorded a maximum temperature of the XXI century.

In the Central regions of the country people opened the swimming season: someone on the rivers, and someone in their pools in suburban areas. There has been people on the beaches of the Black sea. In the South of European Russia, too, has reached record values.

However, the intrusion of warm and humid air from the Mediterranean led to the formation of powerful cumulonimbus clouds. Mid-week, the Central part of the Russian plain was literally strewn with storm cells. In the suburban wedge of intense rainstorms in some places passed into the castle. On the streets of the city experiencing flooding. Storm clouds and got to Moscow, in some areas of the capital also formed deep puddles on the roads.

overall, However, the temperature regime is still higher than normal.

brings together so many different weather disasters that have occurred in so many different geographical areas, the Ural high. This center for almost the entire week disrupts the normal West-East transport of air masses over Eurasia. In result the Russian plains felt the heat of the tropics, and in the center of Sibirand broke damp and cool air from the waters of the Arctic ocean.

And now, there are in many areas the amount of precipitation significantly higher than the June normal. And in some cities, for example, in the Minusinsk and Lensk such a wet early summer was never for the whole secular period of meteorological observations. Moreover, the previous extreme value is exceeded by almost half.

And in the European territory is also updated dozens of records – only the maximum temperature.

In the first days of the week extraordinary heat was recorded not only in the South, but even from the Arctic coast, but then in the zone of overheating were only South latitude, and in the North the temperature regime began to return to the framework of the climatic norm. It affected the invasion of a cold front that destroyed the atmospheric unit.

First, the disaster has dealt a blow to North-West of the country. The rains have flooded the streets of St. Petersburg. Hail has damaged dozens of cars. And if not for the caring owners, then went and Pets.

during the week, a cold front moved farther inland. In Ekaterinburg from-for bad weather canceled the aviation part of the celebration for Russia, in Surgut moved the balloon festival. In Moscow during a rainstorm drivers included alarms and tried to avoid deep puddles. Sheets of rain swept streets of Togliatti, Ufa. And in the Ryazan region was hail the size of a quail egg.

But the further development of weather processes creates a state of deja vu. The front section displacing in Siberia the warm air from the Russian plain, next week will move beyond the Urals, and followed him into the European territory will come to an anticyclone. Gradually, this center will create a blocking of the circulation mode when over Central Russia are observed in southern streams, and in Siberia, on the contrary, brings the Northern winds.

In Krasnoyarsk at the weekend prosomat local showers and thunderstorms and the thermometer will rise to plus 26-29. But Monday heres will start the next Arctic invasion, and the temperature like in September, will fall to 15-18, and only in the middle of the week the cold air will be able to warm up a little.

And in Central Russia ochnuvshis weather swings back to its original state. For example, in Moscow after Saturday 18 Sunday will warm up to 21, and then the temperature will rapidly rise – in Tuesday-Wednesday as it was this week, plus 28-29.

Text: Meteotest