Weather surprises: the network added to the staff of tropical downpours and squalls in the center of Russia

Powerful rain shower with thunderstorm and squally wind 10 Jun covered the Moscow region. Bad weather added to the precipitation, the already crowded, yet half of the June norm. Roads turned into raging rivers that drowned even the buses. The Russian capital came to a standstill in the 9-point jams. And in New Moscow had collapsed podtopleny bridge.

Thunder, lightning and a curtain of water — classic torrential summer rain. That’s just one thing — the abundant precipitation in the second half of the day no one expected. The day before the weather forecasters were predicting only partly cloudy. Intense rain caused numerous flooding and, of course, the tube.

In traffic the number one issue — the shower. Were the drivers heading towards Mitino, already knew what awaits them!

“near Mitino Pyatnitskoe highway — the video took off. Right there at the wheel of a car big water”, — says one of the drivers.

Halfway underwater tractor frame, illustrating the water level on Pyatnitskoe highway. At some point, the ride was simply impossible, and the machine stood up. The collapse happened near the house №39. In the Solntsevo district all looked about the same. But, there were brave souls who continued whether to go, whether to go, and at the same time to remove.

Specialists of TMS, however, believe that the cause of congestion — not just rain. On the streets there are more machines. In addition, the city is actively going road works

“Today at 10 a.m. the number of cars in Moscow, it was 140 thousand more than a week ago. Difficulties occur due to road works on the outer side TTK, Kiev overpass, on the inner side of the Third transport ring, in the Sheremetyevo tunnel”, — said the chief specialist TMS Andrew Tops.

But the disaster has made a road collapse a contribution. The wind felled trees — footage of this process from the street of General Beloborodova tore roofs of houses. It happened on Zarechnaya street. In New Moscow, near the village of Bollsoe Pokrovskoe struck the bridge, dunno. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but residents of several villages has been cut off from civilization. Now, the work of the emergency services. In Istra hail, and in Khimki, people just couldn’t get out of the house.

And off you go!

But judging by the number of videos online, most went to Klin. On Mira street in a puddle stuck bus road service.

Expressive shots of sailing vehicles on the streets also from the Wedge.

– the Street of Karl Marx! Swim!

Summer element was raging not more than an hour. The rain had stopped. And the sky seemed the gaps. The weather forecasters on Thursday, June 11, looks the same as the one they gave today to plus 30 degrees and no rain. What this could mean and was not prepared for the next weather surprises, we’ll know tomorrow.