Weather swings from heat to Arctic cold - one step

In the European part of Russia was established abnormally hot weather. On the waters, from the Northern lakes to the southern seas, this week was really amazing. The temperature of the air in many cities broke historical records. In the lower Volga and the Caspian sea, the thermometer was stormed by the mark of plus 40. In the Central and North-West of the country the air warmed up to plus 30. And even in the Arctic daytime temperatures exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.

In the Rostov region on the background of the June heat in the area of Millerovo and Bataysk burned sunflower fields. Regional roads shrouded in smoke from a fire.

the Temperature in the Russian plain continued to rise. Parks and beaches in and around Moscow this week was overcrowded. People yearned for the sun, sunbathing and swimming. At least people were on the beaches of the Northern capital.

the Atmosphere this week was overheated. Any cold air intrusion led to real disasters. For example, in Karachay-Cherkessia after the forty-degree heat struck a devastating hail the size of a tennis ball.

on Wednesday, a storm front has hit the East Central district and North-West Russia. In Leningrad, Ivanovo, Novgorod and Yaroslavl oblasts the heat and the sun at some point gave way to torrential rains. It was noted the floods, and in some places even dropped large hail.

on Thursday, nearly half of the monthly norm of precipitation has fallen in St. Petersburg. After record for the last 115 years the heat of the Northern capital was covered with rain, hail and stormy wind. In one of the buildings collapsed tower crane. The wind lifted into the air fences and construction debris.

Reeling and the weather in Siberia. First the heat then the rain and the cold. For example, in Khanty-Mansiysk on Tuesday the thermometer showed plus 28 is 9 degrees above normal. However, in the region to end the work week broke another front section of the Arctic had turned cold, but the rains, and sometimes in lower reaches of Ob and Yenisei rivers even went a little snow.

So unusual for atmosphere processes associated with the invasion of a very different air masses. For example, on the Russian plain this has not been baked for more than a century, cities have held a series of record maximum temperature. However, almost simultaneously in the Urals and Siberia frost hit in some areas, they also bought a record scale.

set up a meeting of the tropics and of the Arctic in Russian blocking anticyclone. But on the periphery of this center not only moves warm and cold air. High atmospheric pressure prevents the formation of rain clouds. The result is that the territory of our country districts with good and even excess moisture to literally coexist with areas of severe droughts. One of them covers the Urals and the Ob West, another in the East of Yakutia, Prikolinie, Chukotka and Northern Kamchatka.

the weather is also going for the record. Atmospheric processes are developing in the very dry scenario for the entire observation period. For example, in Anadyr and Magnitogorsk for all the past days of June the sky has not fallen a drop. And in the North of Kamchatka and in the Irtysh nature is issued only a few percent of normal moisture.

the lack of precipitation increases the risk of fires. Because of the drought, burning forests in Yakutia, the foci of natural fires observed in Krasnoyarsk Krai and Buryatia, as in Kamchatka, the smoke from the fire enveloped several localities in the North region.

But now the situation will change. On Friday North of European Russia broke through the cyclone at the weekend it will displace in Kazakhstan hearth high pressure. But now the dry weather is waiting for residents of the Russian plain — the fact that the region will reach a crest of an anticyclone from Scandinavia, and he will block the road with rain clouds in the center of the country.

In Moscow, Sunday the probability of rains is minimal. Together with the improving weather in the metropolis will get more fresh air mass, the temperature drop from Saturday plus 29 to plus 21-23. However, the temperature is then again will increase to medium to plus 26, but still it is incomparable with the heat that was on this week.

Text: Meteotest