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Weather week: enjoy the summer warmth

Weather week: enjoy the summer warmth

this weekend in the European part of Russia the temperature will be 2-4 degrees warmer than normal, sweltering heat is expected only in the South. In the Northern and Central regions this afternoon will be refreshing rains.

According to forecasts, in the Metropolitan area will be very warm, +25 to 27, the probability of storm rains, places strong.

In St.-Petersburg weather will ruin the cyclone will be cloudy, cool, will pass rains, places with thunder-storms, the day 20-22.

Scandinavian anticyclone will affect the weather in the Russian North. There will be cloudy, places will be intermittent rain. In Murmansk 17-19, in Arkhangelsk on Saturday +22-24, Sunday colder until 19-21. In Vologda +23-25 without precipitation.

In the black earth will be without precipitation. In the Voronezh and Kursk will be hot: 30-32 degrees.

On the Upper and Middle Volga region will be cloudy weather, intermittent rains and thunderstorms. In Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday +28-30, Sunday +22-24. In Saransk and Penza +30-32. In the Lower Volga Sunny weather in Astrakhan +35-37.

In the South of Russia is Sunny, rain and thunderstorms are expected only in the mountains. In Rostov-on-don +35-37. In Krasnodar +36-38, in Sochi from 29 to 31, in Sevastopol +30-32.

In the South of Western Siberia will be cloudy, places will pass rains, strong wind, in the Western regions without significant rainfall. In Omsk +22-24, no rain. In Novosibirsk on Saturday +26th-28th, Sunday +23-25 with a chance of rain.

In the South of the Far East will be cloudy with occasional slight rain. In Vladivostok +19-21, in the Khabarovsk +26-28 degrees.

Text: Meteotest