Weekend weather: from heat to a comfortable temperature

this weekend — 27 and 28 June in the Northern and Central regions of Russia the temperature will start to decrease, and sometimes falls even below normal. Hot summer weather will continue only on the South of the country, reports the Center of weather the FOBOS.

In Moscow on Saturday will be hot — up to +28…+30°, in Sunday’s cooler to about +25°. Fluctuations in temperature will be accompanied by storm rains (places strong).

In St. Petersburg on Saturday +25…+27° Sunday colder to +20…+22°, in places will pass short-term rains.

In the Russian North in the rear of the cyclone will be cloudy, places will pass rains. In Murmansk +9…+11° C, in Arkhangelsk on Saturday +13…+15° on Sunday colder to +9…+11°. In Vologda on Saturday +22…+24°, Sunday is not higher than +13…+15 degrees.

In the topsoil heavy torrential rains with thunderstorms and gusty winds will be only on Sunday. In Voronezh and Lipetsk +25…+27 degrees.

On the Upper and Middle Volga in the rear of the cyclone will be mainly cloudy in the Eastern regions of the intermittent rains and thunderstorms. In Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday +28…+30° and Sunday colder to +20…+22°. In Saransk and Penza is about +25°. In the Lower Volga Sunny weather in Astrakhan on Saturday +29…+31° Sunday +31…+33°.

In the South of Russia on the background of high atmospheric pressure and warm air mass will be Sunny, rain and thunderstorms will be places only in the mountains. In Rostov-na-Donu on Saturday +27…+29° Sunday +30…+32°. In Krasnodar +28…+30° in Sochi +26…+28°, Sevastopol +27…+29°.

In the South of Western Siberia the weather will determine the cyclone: it will be cloudy, will pass rains, intensify southwest wind. In Omsk +14…+16. In Novosibirsk on Saturday +28…+30° inscreenie colder to +20 degrees.

In the South of the Far East on the extensive background baric depressions weather will be cloudy, in places will pass small rains. In Vladivostok +13…+15°. In Khabarovsk +22…+24.

Text: Meteotest