Weekend weather: warming will begin with Arctic

Restore the temperature to the average values for the European part of Russia will begin with the Northern regions. On Saturday here will begin to enter the warm air from Scandinavia. In Central and southern regions cool weather is saved. About it reports the Center of weather the FOBOS.

In Moscow on Saturday cloudy with occasional light rain is possible, the day will be 9-11 degrees Celsius. Sunday partly cloudy, no precipitation, day to plus 13 degrees, at night from three to five degrees Celsius. In St. Petersburg, partly cloudy, no rain, day plus 14-16, at night plus 3-5 degrees.

In the Russian North the weather will determine anticyclone Sunny, the temperature will rise, Subpolar Urals will be a small rainfall. In Murmansk and Arkhangelsk from plus 12 to 14, in Naryan-Mar on Saturday to 3 degrees on Sunday plus 11-13. In Syktyvkar on Saturday, plus 6-8 degrees, Sunday 9-11.

In the black earth, the atmospheric pressure will increase, will remain cool weather and intermittent rain. In Kursk to plus 11 degrees Celsius, in Voronezh and Lipetsk — to plus 15.

In the Volga region, in the cold air mass will remain unstable weather, places will pass short-term rains. In Nizhny Novgorod on Saturday will be 12-14 degrees Celsius, Sunday 9-11 degrees, in the Penza and Saransk 12-14 degrees, in Samara and Astrakhan is about 20 degrees Celsius.

In the South, against the background of increasing atmospheric pressure, showers and thunderstorms will gradually weaken on Sunday they will be held only in the mountain areas. The temperature will remain significantly below normal. In Rostov-on-don, Stavropol and Sevastopol will be from plus 14 to 16 degrees, in Krasnodar and Sochi from 19 to 21 degrees.

a Warm anticyclone increase its influence on the weather in Western Siberia. Here is Sunny, dry and warm. In Novosibirsk and Kemerovo will be 23-25 degrees of heatLa. In Omsk on Saturday 22-24 degrees, and Sunday to plus 30.

In Primorye cyclone will bring from the West a dense rain clouds. In Vladivostok and Ussuriysk will be 9-11 degrees Celsius and rain, which on Sunday will increase. In Khabarovsk Krai and Amur oblast bad weather will come at a later date. In Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk on Saturday from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius, Sunny, Sunday – not above plus 17 degrees and rain.

Text: Meteotest