Weekly program Вести.net from December 28, 2019

Recent final release of the program Вести.net this year we decided to do the final-final, trying to identify in it the main trends of 2019. The timing of our transfer doesn’t allow to describe everything, so what trends we will have four.

– the Main and very sad result: a single global space, IT and high-tech business anymore, because there is no trust more. The world began to split into enclaves: American, Chinese, as well as everyone else. The latter category includes the Russian high-tech industry.

– the Following trend: the promise of a new technological jump. This year, Google announced that it has achieved quantum supremacy. This statement was almost immediately challenged, but if the engineers of a search engine all right, then 2019 will be remembered as a major milestone the beginning of a new era of computing.

the Main domestic trend: 2019 was the year when the third button Runet entrenched new player. A few years ago it would have seemed a joke, but this is the third button now Sberbank, the largest Bank in Russia, long considered a Paragon of slowness.

– and finally, the main trend of the region, as close as possible to the consumer. In 2019 in the smartphone industry finally had something noticeably new, innovative and flexible electronics. Gadgets with folding screens have outgrown the concepts and began to be mass-produced. Well, small-scale parties.

Text: To.Hi-tech