Weekly program News.nеt from 18 January 2020

When waiting for the cryptocurrency from Telegram messenger and whether to wait in General, Russian technologies for world leaders in the automotive industry and as a hacker autopilot did the major events of the global IT industry for the week in the final edition of the program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev.

In this issue:

– How will the project Affordable Internet – free access to the most important Russian sites – promised by the President in address to the Federal Assembly?

– car sharing Yandex.Drive to prepare to enter the European market. This is representative of the service told one of the most prominent economic publications – the Financial Times.

this week “the unicorn” became a startup with Russian roots, which is developing technology for electric vehicles. The company Arrival belonging to Denis Sverdlov, who once created a group of companies, Yota, estimated at 3 billion euros.

– Known as the first vzloma iPhone and PlayStation 3 hacker Prodigy George Hotz recent years is artificial intelligence technologies for self-driving cars. AT CES his startup Comma.AI introduced the device for $ 1,000 that turns ordinary cars into Autonomous.

Another fantastic car technology CES is in the area of augmented reality. Holographic and originally from Russia – from the company Wayray, collaborating with Porsche and other car brands.

– the epic of Telegram messenger in the court of new York: the securities and exchange Commission of the United States is trying to stop the launch blockchain platform of Pavel Durov.

Text: To.Hi-tech