Overall, the German environmental aid Association (DUH) has exceeded, in the meantime, lawsuits due to Limit the nitrogen oxide emissions in 14 of the NRW-cities filed or announced. An Overview of the Process and actions of the municipalities:

COLOGNE: The district administration has postponed the publication of the draft for a new clean air plan of the largest NRW-city. It is important data are missing according to information from a speaker, to be able to calculate whether driving bans “are proportionate”. With an annual average of 62 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic meter of air has been measured in Cologne on the Clevischen Ring in 2017, the highest Exceeding of the limit value (40 micro-grams) in the whole of NRW.

BONN: Bonn is, however, a new clean air plan, the city court wants to score. So the bus fleet to be converted by 2030, fully electric drive. In addition, the city is planning a year-ticket for public transport for the price of 365 euros – one Euro for the public transport passengers per day.

Dortmund is examining all opportunities to prevent bans

DORTMUND: The Ruhr area, the city has imposed travel bans for trucks on certain routes. Also from the reduction in the permissible maximum speed on the B1 they hoped for better air. The city’s check all the possibilities, to prevent area-wide driving bans, a spokeswoman said: “in the face of an obligation to as soon as possible to comply with the limits of this, however, seems difficult.”

BOCHUM: Bochum relies on road closures for trucks. Heavy load is a popular abbreviation is no longer allowed to use the car route between highways 40 and 43, for all the others, was imposed on the road, the air pollution is measured, the speed limit is 30. Also in other Places in the city area, it is tried with speed limits and additional planting to reduce the nitrogen oxide in the air.

eat gets as a model municipality, with 21 million euros from the Federal

EAT: in addition to Bonn, Essen is one of the five German Model of local governments, which are intended to move motorists with a more attractive mass transit to Require. The city will receive approximately Euro 21 million from the Federal government. Individual Bus and streetcar line are expected to ride in the main traffic time in the future every five minutes. For commuters, leave your car, thinking about discounts when purchasing a ticket. In addition, the city wants to build new Bicycle roads.

GELSENKIRCHEN: the city of the design of a new clean air plan, which provides no driving bans. He continues in the field of transport, on speed limits, a better retention of pollutants by more Green streets and buildings, and road closures for trucks.

In Düsseldorf, the DUH sue new

DÜSSELDORF: the case of Düsseldorf, the Federal administrative court had decided that diesel driving bans are, in principle, possible. With your attempt such bans by application for a temporary injunction to enforce the failure of the DUH however, before the court. You must now complain.

the city of AACHEN: The city has been obliged by the local administrative court, a driving ban: If Aachen referring to the end of the year, no equivalent Alternative for compliance with the limit value, should the Diesel-driving ban to 1. January 2019 to grab. In the appeal before the upper administrative court of Münster, the city wants to show that the goal is to achieve the new clean air plan. The OVG wants to negotiate in March or April.

Düren is located far “forward” in the case of the nitrogen oxide limit values

DÜREN: Düren currently the smallest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is a DUH-suit is exposed. In the case of Exceeding the nitrogen oxide limit value, the commune, between Aachen and Cologne, with an annual average of 58 micrograms but far to the front in Germany. When the administrative court of Aachen negotiated, not fixed yet, in this year, according to a court spokesman.

PADERBORN: Paderborn is still open, when the competent administrative court of Minden is negotiating a pending DUH-suit. Like many other municipalities, discussed the city using the introduction of an environmental zone, and better traffic light circuits and the Expansion of public transport.

BIELEFELD, HAGEN, WUPPERTAL, OBERHAUSEN: For these cities has announced the eco-assistance claims. In court, the complaints are not received yet.

Depending on the model and Region: Who is selling now his Diesel, up to 10,000 Euro Bit Projects get Who is selling his Diesel, you can get up to 10,000 Euro, depending on model and Region of pnh/dpa