Went to extreme measures to get the money back: what happened in the complex

the Metropolitan police finds out circumstances of the seizure of hostages in the tower “Empire” in the complex “Moscow-city”. The client of the infamous company “international financial centre”, which has repeatedly said the program “Vesti-Moscow”, came to the office with a knife and took hostage an employee of the company. The man went to extreme measures to get their money back.

the First shots of the elite brokerage office: on the floor is linked to the company Manager, and above him in a pink t-shirt client who, threatening with a knife, demanding their money back. The tragedy did not happen. The arrived field investigators managed to convince the man to release the hostage.

“At the scene immediately the police arrived. In the course of negotiations they managed to persuade to let people go and take the knife,” — said Vladimir Vasenin, head of the Department of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia in Moscow.

the Detainee Victor Krysin — the citizen of Belarus. Arrived in Moscow to take the earned on the exchange of money. Says, according to the report of a brokerage company in his account, 220 thousand dollars.

“I wanted to withdraw some cash to make sure that the scheme is working. However, I was stunned when he realized the situation. I saw in the eyes of the Manager I won’t see neither winning, nor their funds”, — the detainee told Victor Krysin.

“I’m Thankful to Colonel. He stopped me, gave to understand that there is the word of the officer. Looking into his eyes, he gave me to understand that there is justice,” says the detainee Victor Krysin.

it All happened on the 13th floor of the Empire tower complex of “Moscow-city” in the office “International investment center”, which is not the time passions were running high due to lost money.

Herman Krutov lost money too. The office of the traders had to get together with the police. Glass doors closed, no one is allowed inside. And this is the office of dnother similar office — 29-th floor of a neighboring tower “Federation”.

They say: invest money! For starters, you can 2 thousand dollars.

I say, where I have 120 thousand rubles at once, and you’ll find?

– And he credits take.

– Then they invited black brokers. Sit them in the car, they’ll carry and 5 minutes you make out the credit.

– then why did you take this money?

– Because we drew 500 thousand income.

This brokerage company changed the address of residence and moved out of a trendy office in the complex “Moscow-city” with the money of depositors. They are already looking for the police, but so far without success. Financiers who dealt with the guest from Belarus, does not need to look. Now their activities will be checked in the framework of the criminal case about the attack on employees of the company.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”