What changes do you expect the Russians from 1 February

passenger fares in the Metropolitan, the increase in payments to beneficiaries and pensioners, the new rules of dismissal, capital Amnesty and more. In News.ru told what changes are in store for Russians from 1 February.

passenger fares in metro

From 1 February to ride in the Moscow metro will become more expensive. The cost of one trip will increase by two rubles. Now, when using the card “Troika” will have to pay 38 rubles, and 40. Will also increase the value and “One” to 57 rubles.

Increase in the rate on the “Plato”

Drivers-passenger and per kilometer will pay 2 rubles 20 kopecks. Currently, the fee is 2 rubles 4 kopecks. It is assumed that changes in the rate will occur annually in February.

the New rules of dismissal

the Accounting Department will not issue to employees upon dismissal at the hands of their employment on the form STD-R. This is due to the fact that in December 2019, President Vladimir Putin signed the law on introduction of electronic work books. The Ministry of labour has prepared a new report form, which the employer must provide employees with severance.

Fines for violation of the requirements for the media-registered as a foreign agent

From 1 February in the country come into force amendments provide for sanctions against the media-registered as foreign agents for gross violation of the order of activities (more than two times per year). Individuals face a fine in the amount of one hundred thousand rubles or administrative arrest for 15 days, officials will have to pay two hundred thousand, while legal entities face a fine in the amount of five million rubles.

capital Amnesty

February 29, completes the third phase Amnesty, which began on 1 June 2019. According to the law on voluntary Declaration of foreign assets, citizens have the opportunity to report your Bank accounts and deposits, property, shares of participation in authorized capitaltalakh domestic and foreign companies. The document also allows to inform on foreign firms and Bank accounts, which are located on the territory of Russia. Amnesty of the capital is possible after the actual repatriation of accounts and enterprises in the country.

Increasing payments to pensioners and beneficiaries

From February 1 will be increased monthly payments. In addition, increase the cost of a set of social services. It get a certain category of Russians every month in the form of state aid. According to the decision of ex-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, all social payments and allowances will be indexed by 4.3 percent.

“far East hectare”

From February 1 to August 1, 2020 will be the second stage of the program “far Eastern hectare”, which is distributed in Buryatia and Transbaikalia. According to the measures, land proposes to provide the citizens of the country who was in all the regions in the far Eastern Federal district.

Electronic checks

From 1 February it will be possible to pick up a paper check at the time of purchase through vending machines. If your device has a display, it is enough to scan information and get an electronic invoice. Experts believe that this innovation will simplify the servicing of such devices. Online cash can completely lose their printer.

the Duty on oil exports

the Duty on the export of hydrocarbons from Russia will grow by 1.3 dollar to 78.5 the dollar, on heavy oil — up to 7.8 per dollar, on light oil products and oil — to 23.5 dollars per ton, on dark — up to 78.5 per dollar. The export duty on commercial gasoline will increase to 23.5 dollars, straight — up 43.1 per dollar.

Decreases the duty on liquefied natural gas, to zero. For coke it will grow to 5.1 dollars per ton.