First of all, let’s revise what native ads are. It is a form of advertising in case of wise implementing perfectly imitates the style and formats of the website where it is posted. In other words, the ads are seamlessly blended into the environment of any page or blog. Thus, the opportunities for a visitor are enlarged, but not broken.


The line between programmatic and non-programmatic is in using some combination of process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and some other things – and as a result we have higher performance at lower costs.


Previous online solutions looked like cut and try method, but now we can have much more interesting picture. Now advertisers, publishers, marketers are more confident in their abilities and get more tools to estimate their KPIs.


Why programmatic native advertising is more beneficial?

As we said above, native ads try on the same style of a website, what is more important here – they correspond to users interests. Programmatic by itself gathers relevant ads for a visitor, and when they are not distracting – people become more loyal, more interested in the content. Thus, we have more clicks, more conversions and target audience expanded.


Using native ads or display adsin the social network can serve as the brightest example. Generally, such posts are designed in the same shape and style and have format of any story on the network. As a result, the user doesn’t associate it with ads and more likely to digest it. Of course, such posts are tagged “ads”, but not so many people will check it before start reading a catching story. And, at the same time, ads buying will be made with the help of algorithms of automation and optimization.


Main idea of these two branches combination is to expand the coverage. Advertisers are very happy here as the ad can be displayed to a bigger audience relevant to the markers he is interested in.


It is also a common practice in RTB auctions that there are a lot of ads that will be located in footer where users are very likely not to pay attention at all. Native ads totally exclude such a variant – thus, advertiser don’t burn their money.


Bottom line

Nowadays marketing experts agree that media ads are slowly dying, and native ads are their respectable follower that can bring users’ attention back to brands. And combining it with RTB technology will bring to the whole picture absolutely different shape.