On May 18, 2019, a member of parliament wrote in the WhatsApp chat group of the AfD parliamentary group: “The complete content of this group will one day end up in the press. Always remember!”

This statement was later to prove true. Over 40,000 posts by the self-proclaimed “chatter group” were leaked to the NDR and WDR television stations. They depict the communication of 76 of the 92 AfD members of the Bundestag from the past legislative period.

The actually strictly confidential chat messages from the years 2017 to 2021 are sometimes highly explosive: several MPs were extremely radical.

According to research by NDR and WDR, a member of the parliamentary group wrote on August 25, 2019: “There is the possibility of a SiegerTribunal (‘Nuremberg 2.0’), the Romanian solution after a revolution or the constitutional solution, i.e. AM

On July 10, 2019, the group said about her: “The rat Merkel at the top! This traitor to the people belongs in jail for life!” And on September 10, 2018: “The good thing today is Merkel’s dead fish eyes.”

When Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) was elected head of the EU Commission in July 2019, when the Ministry of Defense was re-staffed and the media initially reported on an alleged move from Jens Spahn to the department, two AfD members of the Bundestag reacted in the chat group with anti-gay derailments: “Oh good, so again a defense minister,” wrote one – “With Spahn, the Bundeswehr would have switched back to breech-loaders”, another.

Other politicians were also denounced in the MPs chat group. For example, MPs from other factions were described as “radically evil anus opening” and “little wretch”. On September 11, 2018 it said: “Waste separation. First the FDP, then the SPD, then the CDU.”

Several AfD MPs in the “chatter group” also complained about a lack of strategy in the parliamentary group and party and drew a disastrous self-image. “As far as being ashamed of others, the party has made me extremely resilient,” it said on June 3, 2019. And a month before: “And the chaos shop wants to save Germany?”

On December 19, 2019, a member of the Bundestag wrote: “Politics is a dirty business and apparently even dirtier in our ranks.”

When asked about the radical postings, including those with subversive rhetoric, AfD faction leader Alice Weidel told NDR and WDR: “Of course, things like that don’t work at all. And if I had known about it, action would have been taken.” About dissatisfied members of the faction, she says: “They have to consider whether they might look for another hobby instead of wasting their time constantly writing in chats. I would wish for more involvement in parliamentary work.”

In December 2021, Bayerischer Rundfunk reported on the Telegram chat group “Alternative Nachrichtengruppe Bayern”, to which 16 of 18 Bavarian AfD members of the state parliament and eleven of twelve Bavarian AfD members of the Bundestag belonged. Parliamentarians and officials fantasized about civil war, coup and revolution.

In March of this year, the Cologne Administrative Court ruled that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution may monitor the entire AfD as a suspected right-wing extremist.

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