What is the peculiarity and the value of the new Russian sniper rifles

the News that the Russian arms have created a rifle with the stated range of 7 kilometers, caused a stir in the country, including in the Internet space.

the TV channel “Russia-1” the founder of a weapons company Lobaev Arms, and Creator of the new weapons Vladislav Lobaev told about the features and practical values of their offspring.

According to him, the need for such weapons has long existed. There are two sides to its use. The first record, when sets a limit on the ability of the rifle.

in this case It will just be a range of 7 kilometers. The second – practical. She will be allowed to work srednemolekularnah the sniper at a much greater range than is accepted in the world. Now it is about 2 kilometers.

“Our design will make it possible to move this range up to 3 kilometers, which is very important, it is the maximum distance of modern warfare,” said the armorer.

He also said that the company Lobaev Arms, made entirely from domestic components. Since 2006, the firm does not use foreign components.

as for the possibility of firing over the horizon, Lobaev explained that it is realistic, but it has no practical application.

“If the shooter will rise to 10 meters in height, the horizon will be about 11 kilometers. But in Russia it is difficult to find such a flat steppe as a table. There are always hills or hillocks, not to mention the city,” he concluded.

“the product Itself is ready. An experiment is currently underway with four types of ammunition. We are talking about what kind of rounds after the factory test will remain,” said the armourer.