What is the source of the epidemic

Today, when the situation with coronavirus stabiliziruemost and you can already look around, the interlocutor of “Vesti on Saturday” — one who is among the hundred most brave of the Russians. Academician Maleev — who did not win a single outbreak of cholera, plague and so on. With him about where the epidemic is taken. And my co-author of the newly — leader news feed the Agency’s “Companion” in Latin America Ilana Brisker.

Our hero — one whose career started in 1965. the Then outbreak of cholera in India (also in the Soviet Karakalpakiya, Uzbekistan) was accompanied by a mortality rate of 20-25%. But five years later when the outbreak was on the Black and Mediterranean seas, then, to the surprise of the West, the mortality rate in the USSR was lower than in Italy. Saved people new and different from the American solution of dehydration, invented by Victor Maleev.

– I, for example, the patient that I injected 120 litres of liquid. You can understand 12 buckets! Five days I poured. She lost 60-70 liters, — says academician Victor Maleev, Advisor to the Director for science, Central scientific research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor.

– Survived?

of Course, survived.

Now few people remember that the Soviet strategic aviation was the base in the horn of Africa, in Somalia. And absolutely no one remembers, at the base of the balls, an outbreak of cholera. Then, Maleev, and came to his solution. And saved then around.

I in Kenya picked up the bodies, almost cold, I was brought back to life, — said the scientist.

– We looked your photos of you in Africa. You don antiplague suit.

– Yes.

– I was struck by the picture of you in Vietnam visiting the child with bubonic plague.

In Vietnam there are regions where the bubonic plague, like the flu.

speaking of Vietnam, where there was such a bloody war with the Americans. From there, the plague almost came to the Soviet Union again. The story that until now was known only to the initiated.

– Summer. In the 4th office to announce that there is a case of the plague. Can you imagine what it is?! – says the male.

Government medical Department.

– Yes. And there is the plague. This is an emergency! Call me because I was not there. In order to be a consultant in 4-m management, it is necessary to have a biography up to some generation. And I grew up in an orphanage. My father was killed in the war. It was necessary that I found the grave of his father, otherwise I did not take the 4th control.

– Soviet nonsense.

– Yes. Well, what could I do? Still caused. What happened? In some remote areas of Vietnam, where the American bases were in forested areas, people have this bubo constantly, they have their whole lives — and nothing else. Of course, if the person is relaxed, the bubo may spread by blood. Stick can get the plague from the buboes and cause other types of lung and so on. So I decided Communist some old partisan of Vietnam to invite the Soviet Union to rest in the Crimea. An elderly man arrived. He was placed in the hotel “Oktyabrskaya” and began to examine. In Moscow On Yakimanka. ECG, General blood… So he went from there to the Crimea, in the resort. And suddenly this person the temperature rises. There, then, thank God, worked by a very experienced doctor who has seen plague in Astrakhan. She says: “It is the plague”. Here begins the scandal. What is the plague?! I came, looked and said, “Yes, I agree with her that it is the plague”. / I was called somewhere and said: “Young man, you think about what you said the Plague in the 4th office, you just think!” In General, all who this patient was treated, I was isolated at mount Falcon. All was checked. But, thank God, Vietnamese plague, it is less common than, for example, Mongolian. Thank God no one was nothing. Naturally, he died, this man. It pogoroNeely in Moscow, covered with bleach.

Where did he never saved humanity. He be from? Orphan. The father died at the front. As a child in Central Asia itself than just not ill. But the current coronavirus has proven an old idea: developed countries before he decided that he had conquered nature.

– We generally know where these epidemics come from? Here lives the germ, then again, and he fired.

Nature. Many take this right that they are able to create microbes and manage them. But unfortunately, even people itself cannot manage. Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin said: “We must not wait for favors from nature, take them from her — our task.” We probably took a lot. Maybe somewhere hurt nature, — said the academician Maleev.

So why nature behaves differently? And where is the error man commits? A separate issue — South America. There’s also the horror that is now happening in Brazil, where the virus decided not to fight from the depths of the continent, where so mercilessly cut down forests, has again manifested itself a kind of disease, like yellow fever. What else is preparing himself to mankind?

a well-Worn rails, the cracked sleepers — today the state of passenger rail in South America leaves much to be desired. When these paths were built in the XIX century, it seemed that the future was bright. If only the first “passengers” Railways were not deceased.

Famous in South America, the painting “the Episode of yellow fever in Buenos Aires in 1871”. Witness the epidemic, a classic of South American painting Juan Manuel Blanes depicted by the case just died a young immigrant, on it are powerless in the doctors, in the shade of the deceased a few hours before the husband of the family, and on the floor to the mother’s breast reaches the baby.

“the Population of Buenos Aires was then 108 thousand people. Died 14 thousand, that is every tenth” — Russit seemed to Alejandro Jimenez Rodriguez, historian, adviser to the Ministry of education and culture of Uruguay.

All the dead and rescued only by rail. Two trains per day.

– how Many of you come across people who became ill with yellow fever, which, despite the fact that the money they have and they can afford to travel to the jungles of South America, don’t think about vaccination?

– Yes, come across such. Some people are lucky. There are three types of sources of the yellow fever there. If people go to Amazon, in the dense forests of the tropical zones, there are “reservoirs” are monkeys, opossums, sloths, anteaters, and so on. But there are other pockets of the city, — said Viktor Maleyev.

And after all it has long been known. But what people have such a good memory?! But quite new fever zika is when children are born with small heads — turns out the problem is only forgotten.

– B 1947 in Uganda first found the virus described, said Maleev.

– What, generally, is the impetus for the epidemic?

Hard to tell. Natural conditions are defined. For example, in this case — the famous phenomenon of El niño.

– climate change


From them, and in our latitude may be a fever, zika, malaria, and yellow fever.

the Name “yellow fever” was invented by the English doctors in the Caribbean. Another said “yellow Jack.” In South America the Spaniards frequently say “black vomit” — it was made of black blood. And that Spanish was first performed on the assumption that the disease being transmitted by a specific mosquito species.

With this report in 1881 was made by the Cuban doctor Carlos Finlay. But if in Havana then Ismoili mosquitoes — yellow fever won in the nineteenth century — in the twentieth with the construction of the Panama canal at first about the mosquitoes either forgot, or saved on the draining of the marshes. The result — 15 thousands of fatal bites and 15 thousand deaths.

Yeah, okay with her with yellow fever out there somewhere. Our people here are trying to dispute the need to get vaccinated.

– measles is a vaccine, but people are not vaccinated, — said Viktor Maleyev.

With whom do you compare such obscurantists? Academician male first gives the example of African Nigeria, where they like the meat of wild animals and do not like vaccinations.

Voodoo, shamans… In Bangladesh, when I was vaccinated against cholera, believed that it came up white, that was not a high birth rate. And drove us there and said, “You want us to have no children?!” All continues. Now in Pakistan 50 cases of polio. In Afghanistan is clear – war, — says the male.

About Afghanistan. When the Soviet troops entered there, then from there to here over malaria, just when the outbreak was classified. And at all times the satellite wars — all the same yellow fever.

– a Very large outbreak in 1961-1962 was in Ethiopia. There is military action going. 200 thousand people became ill, 30 thousand died — says the male.

was the most devastating epidemic caused by the war.

Uruguay is a small country. But here is the biggest in South America, the Parliament. And the history of extensive parliamentary debate includes such an exotic topic as the Uruguay the return of trophies gained in the war with Paraguay?

In Europe, about the war know little: on Paraguay then attacked the Triple Alliance of Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. It was the first modern genocide, killing 90% of Paraguayans. With the last squad of the defenders killed the President. Avenged them… the mosquito.

“One theory is that mosquitoes with yellow fever in Uruguay has not imported on merchant ships, and the soldiers of the Triple Alliance, who returned from Paraguay. In Buenos Aires people were killed so that the body does not have time to evacuate,” said Alejandro HeeMenes Rodriguez.

many years Passed. Humanity rushed into space, mastered the atom. But by the time of the coronavirus came no less carefree. And, fascinated by the progress of thought on its reverse side.

– Legionnaire’s Disease associated with air conditioning. There is a particular sickness in astronauts. Disease cars is infectious, and so on, — said the academician of the male.

And habits, which change from people, for example, used to pierced ears, and have now become the piercing to do…

– Yes.


Yes you are, even lenses wearing. Piercing. Anthrax record with this. I’m not talking about drugs. Of course, everything is greatly affected.

So is it possible to beat the epidemic? Academician-inventor of the solution against the cholera, has seen things that most of us in a nightmare could not dream, at first says, “Yes, we can win.” But then the height of the experience makes an important caveat: “No, we will not win. Nature itself is very reasonable. I have not seen any infections, which would have died 100%. Such infections not. Even the plague, which was, in the Middle ages. People do not die 100%. Anyway this will not happen. So nature created. Nature has cycles of any. This is according to its laws occurs that we don’t know yet. And laws disappears.”

But in order to expedite this process, we need our self-discipline, and, of course, vaccination, and medication. The success of our scientists. No, not in the war with nature, and in her knowledge.