The Olympic and world champion in gymnastics put on a spectacular display at the U.S. Olympic Trials Friday night. She pulled out almost all the stops on her way to a commanding lead, and a spot in Japan next year.

60.565 was her all-around score. She also had a 15.133 beam on beam, which featured the “double double” dismount she is known for. This maneuver has been kept secret since the 2019 world championships. She chose to skip the Yurchenko doublepike vault, which she revealed in competition last month. However, she still scored the highest score at the event.

The floor exercise, which includes not one but two of the Code of Points elements, was spectacular and well-controlled. Biles, clearly frustrated by her numerous out-of-bounds steps while she won her seventh national title earlier in the month, kept her feet well within the white lines during her law of physics pushing tumbling passes.

Biles stated, “I was very excited going into the one.” I know what to expect. It’s crazy to feel more emotional. Even when I’m done crying and tearing up, it is hard to walk out. The girls say, “Are you okay?” I’m fine. It’s almost like I can’t believe it’s already been five years. It’s been five and I’m thankful.”

All-around winners Sunday night following the finals automatically qualify to the Olympic team. Biles is guaranteed to win, no matter what happens on Sunday.

Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles and others are also close to that territory. They may be there already.

At nationals, the trio of Biles and Lee came in 1-2-3. After Lee’s 57.666 performance, followed by Chiles’ 57.132 performance, they are in the same position heading into the finals. Chiles is more than half a point ahead of MyKayla skinner.

Many of her competitors returned to competition after a long break from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Chiles won the Winter Cup title in February. She has been a regular at the top three event meet meetings since. She seems to be immune to the pressure, perhaps even more important. In the past four months, she has completed 20 events without falling on any of them.

Biles, who had uneven results at the U.S. Classic in Mai, cannot say that.

The selection committee will allow the team to be assembled for 30 minutes following the conclusion of finals. They may need to use every second of it in order to determine who takes the fourth spot.

Skinner, 24 years old, is making a compelling case. Skinner, 24, was an alternate in 2016. She went to college following the Rio Olympics and then returned to the elite level in 2019. She spent part the COVID-19 pandemic shut down fighting the novel coronaviruses and pneumonia.

She is now putting on the best gymnastics she has ever seen, despite her health scares. Skinner, who was fueled by the energy of the electric Dome at America’s Center, finished in the top five for three events and implored the crowd to roar at every dismount.

Skinner, Grace McCallum, and Kayla DiCello trail each other by only three-tenths. Kara Eaker is a little further back. DiCello rebounded from a slow performance that saw her finish in the bottom six in multiple events and finished in the top six of three of four events.

Riley McCusker appears to be the loser in the race to fill the “plus-one specialist” spot. Her bars routine is top-notch, and her 14.800 score would place her in the running for a Tokyo medal, if she was able to duplicate it.

Jade Carey, who was awarded a spot in the World Cup series as a nominee individual, is the only gymnast who has already been accepted into the meet. Her Amanar vault was drilled by Carey, who scored 15.2 seconds behind Biles.