What should not eat in an Italian restaurant: tips chefs

the best and worst dishes you can select from Italian restaurants, said chef said The Insider. Some of the dishes — always a good choice, while the other is often not worth as much as they ask for, or can be with the same success it is cooked at home.

One of the ways to spend your money wisely — to order a dish with braised meats, homemade pasta or other food preparation which is time consuming. Cooking stews may take up to 12 hours and order any of them in the restaurant — a good way to enjoy Italian cuisine without having to work in the kitchen, says chef one of Italian institutions in California Natal Severino.

Another time-consuming and requires a lot of time to cook the dish — lasagna, says personal chef and nutritionist Melissa Eboli. This is a layered dish of thinly rolled dough and a few toppings, if it’s prepared well, it is worth it to spend the money and cook for yourself. Moreover, in contrast to the more delicate dishes, it tolerates freezing and re-heating, so don’t hesitate to take home that failed to eat up, and enjoy it for the next day.

Home-made pasta in those Italian restaurants where it is prepared on the spot, too, always worth a try. You can prepare it yourself, says chef and restaurant consultant Julia Helton, but to do this quickly bored. The kitchen is a nice Italian restaurant, she said, there is usually a single person who does just that.

“there’s Nothing like freshly made pasta. Back to dried pasta then it is really difficult,” she says.

Worth the money catering veal dishes — they require products that are not always available in regular stores, and a few hours spent at the stove.

merit and arancini — fried or baked balls of rice in diameter, usually filled with meat, sometimes with cheese, tomato sauce and green peas.

On the opposite end of the spectrum — among the dishes to which it is not necessary to spend money in restaurants, is, for example, pizza recipe, Margarita. According to Julia Helton, is a “complete rip-off” and often one of the most overrated dishes in any restaurant menu.

“the Dough, a little sauce, a quarter of a block of mozzarella and one Basil leaf four is your dinner? You pay at least 12 dollars for a dish to cook which is worth 1 dollar,” she says.

Pizza, which is really worth the money, she said, should have several different toppings or can be cooked on the wood — house for a few dollars to repeat this will fail.

Natal Severino advised to avoid the Caprese salad out of season fresh tomatoes — in this case, it lacks taste, and garlic bread.

“If the restaurant has to hide the taste of your bread using butter and garlic, you best not order it, he says. — Look for fresh from home or prepared on the spot with bread that does not require an abundance of oil when baking to be delicious.”

And finally, instead of ordering at the restaurant is quick and cheap to cook at home spaghetti Bolognese or a very very basic dish like pasta with cheese and pepper.