What to expect from the weather in July?

earlier In the week the European part of Russia today again has covered the anomalous rainfall. And intensity of the precipitation, without exaggeration, tropical. In Moscow in June fell more than two monthly norms of precipitation. On Monday, the disaster has given Muscovites some respite, and the area of bad weather has shifted to the South of the country and in Chernozem region. So, in the Bryansk region and in the Crimea, sometimes in just 12 hours fell more than half of normal for June. In Orel — more than a third. The showers were accompanied by thunderstorms, hail, and wind.

the Storm was advancing from the Eastern Europe. Devastating rains for several days raged in Ukraine — the streams of water flooded the streets of cities and entire villages, washed away bridges, roads and dams. The earth literally swam at people from under his feet.

Contrasting weather established in Siberia and the far East. In the North region for the past few weeks is unprecedented heat. In Yakutia, which is considered one of the coldest places on the planet, one after another, recorded a record maximum temperature. In the Arctic the lowest temperature recorded on Thursday, the thermometer showed 35 degrees.

due to abnormal temperature and very clear weather in the North Asian part of the country has increased the area of natural fires. They covered Chukotka, Kamchatka, Krasnoyarsk Krai. But in the midst – all the same the Republic of Sakha, here fire has passed more than 700 thousand hectares of taiga. In one of the uluses even declared a state of emergency.

At the same time in the South of Siberia and the Far East the situation is quite different: it does not stop heavy rains. For example, in Blagoveshchensk the amount of precipitation during the month is already two and a half times higher than normal — fell 239 mm. Similar deviation was observed in the southern regions of Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk territory.

But in June 2020 certainly has earned its place in meteoitalia. In some regions of European Russia and Asian part of the country the average temperature is on the record. The most significant overheating was observed in the North-East. For example, in the Yakut village of chokurdakh previous extreme value is exceeded by more than two degrees.

At the same time in other places observed a phenomenal rains. Is not over a month, and in the Kuril Islands and southern Yakutia has recorded a record amount of rain. In Moscow and in Blagoveshchensk the beginning of summer was the wettest for at least the entire period of global warming.

the Cause of all these anomalies blocking processes. On the periphery of stationary anticyclones in the North-East and the Russian plain received air masses from the subtropical zone. At the same time system front sections, blocked in the West of European Russia, southern Siberia and the Far East provoke a genuinely tropical storms. Now, however, atmospheric blocks begin to fail.

at the end of the working week, most of Europe was in a region of extensive anticyclone, is a bright region on our map. But now the hotbed of high pressure moves to the South, and the North Atlantic and opens the way for the cyclones deep into Eurasia. Of course, in such a situation again, not without stormy rain, but their intensity is more moderate. And the heat will begin to subside.

for Example, in Moscow expected local showers and thunderstorms and the thermometer readings after a hot weekend will be drops at the beginning of a new week in the afternoon plus 23-25, it is a comfortable temperature for the metropolis. And such weather will prevail in mid-summer.

the Least favorable prognosis in the Volga region, the Urals and Western Siberia – here July will be within or even slightly cooler climate. And in most parts of the country the average temperature 1-2 degrees will exceed the average long-term values. In the area of special overheating North-West and North-East of Russia.

But even warm weather scenario does not guarantee from Arctic intrusion. In Central Russia this period will be in the middle of the month. In the second decade the average temperathe tour can be more than 2 degrees below normal. But the cold will be short-lived, and at the end of July in the region back warming.

Text: Meteotest