What will change in life of Russians from July 1,

Re the payment of allowances to families with children, distributing the tax regime for self-employed in all regions, the full opening of the tourist season in Russia, changing the rules of passage of physical examination for the drivers, the expansion of the list of goods subject to mandatory digital marking, indexation of pensions to some categories of pensioners — about these and other changes that will take effect from 1 July, read in the compilation of the website Вести.Ru.

Lump sum benefits to families with children

In July, the citizens of Russia will receive another lump sum payment for each child up to 16 years. The corresponding decree of June 23 was signed by President Vladimir Putin. The allowance will be one-time, size — 10 thousand rubles. It is calculated automatically and included in the income of the family in the provision of any other measures sotspodderzhki.

Distribution tax regime for self-employed on all regions of the country

Since 1 July all of the Russian regions will be able to introduce a tax regime for the self-employed. Thus, according to the proposals of Vladimir Putin, made the appeal on 23 June, the self-employed status can be obtained not with the 18 and 16 years old.

In Russia at the moment, was 700 thousand self-employed. Experiment on the introduction of this tax scheme, Putin proposed to extend to all regions. This will allow people “officially and quietly to work,” said the President. He said that the right to register as self-employed worker will benefit about three million Russians. Aspiring entrepreneurs will also receive additional tax benefits, Putin said. So as not to divert resources from the development of the business paid in taxes, they will be given tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage (SMIC).

the opening of the regional tourism and leisure

From 1 July in the Russian regions to fully earn the tourism industry — all popular tourist nupravleniya in Russia will be open to interregional trips, said the Federal tourism Agency.

Earlier that the country is ready for a gradual opening of the holiday season and the removal of introduced because of the coronavirus limits, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. First, in many regions resumed the work of the sanatoriums, which have medical license. Now begin to function and the usual hotel. For all organizations that are treating people in the resorts and tourist accommodation, the CPS adopted the recommendations for the prevention of coronavirus. Also developed sanitary rules of transportation on different types of transport.

From July 1 officially starts and children’s health campaign (in six regions it has already begun). Make the decision to open the institutions are separately in each region, based on the epidemiological situation. In particular, in the Kuban until the open the only children’s sanatoria, having a medical license, and the rest they can only residents of the region.

From July 15, can be partially resumed flights. It is assumed that the first will open borders with the States of the EAEU and the CIS. First, will resume flights for several major carriers. The main conditions — steady reduction of cases COVID-19 and the observance of strict sanitary regulations on Board.

Mandatory labeling of medicines, shoes and tobacco

From 1 July in Russia expands the list of goods subject to mandatory digital marking. Now, these rules will apply to medicinal products, footwear and tobacco. These rules are well established for cigarettes, and now will also apply to all other categories of tobacco products.

When the whole marking system is fully operational, consumers will be able to check the quality and authenticity of products by checking the code on the package using special scanners or mobile app in smartphone.

this is Especially true in respect of pharmaceuticalsgovernmental drugs. All companies engaged in their production, storage, importation, sale, use and destruction will be required to provide information about them to the traffic monitoring system of drugs. Turnover of drugs without digital codes shall be prohibited. The realization of unmarked drugs entered the market before July 1, 2020, will be allowed until the expiration of their shelf life. In addition, the Committee of the state Duma has approved amendments that allow, if necessary, to provide an opportunity for deferral of mandatory labelling for a number of drugs.

To the end of the year in this list of products with mandatory labelling can be added perfume and toilet water, tires, linen, cameras and various clothing items. Until 2024, the marking may relate to all best-selling in Russia products.


From 1 July will be increased payments to some categories of pensioners. Now grandparents who become guardians or Trustees of minor children will receive indexed monthly payments.

Previously, they received a reward (about 3-4 thousand), which they attributed to the number of working pensioners, so their pensions were not subject to annual indexation. The law correcting the situation, was passed by the Parliament in March, after which the document was signed by President Vladimir Putin. According to the authors, this indexation will affect nearly 30 thousand citizens.

Also as of July 1 will be restored indexation of pensions to working pensioners who have completed career. Such citizens will recalculate, taking into account all missed the planned indexation. Will appear two new benefits: Supplement for age 75 years and installment loan payments, if the income of pensioners less than two minimum wages (24300 roubles).

news for car owners: medspravki, tuning and right-hand drive car

Since July 1, comes into force a new procedure for the medical examination to obtain or renew Voditelcal rights. For those who have a psychiatrist you will find the signs of alcohol or drug abuse, will now have to pass additional tests of blood and urine.

Initially, the MoH planned to make such studies obligatory for all, which has increased the cost of the receipt of the certificate several times. The innovations were to come into force in November 2019, but President Vladimir Putin criticized the decision. In the end, the entry of the document into force was postponed, and the rules themselves are recycled. Now the specific tests are administered only to those with the doctor will identify symptoms of alcoholism or drug addiction. For all other rules the examination will remain the same.

From 1 July, introduced new rules for registration of customized cars. Drivers wishing to upgrade their vehicle, will be required to visit the laboratory. In particular, the broadening of the engineering tests will be required during the installation of car gas equipment, equipped with security bumpers or expeditionary trunk, as well as the replacement of standard seat.

in addition, from 1 July, comes into force a ban on the import into the territory of Russia construction equipment, dump trucks, excavators, trucks, cranes, and trucks and buses with right-hand steering. RHD cars citizens will be able to import only individual certification and obtaining safety certificate of vehicle design, said the Agency “Prime”.

select the format of the work book

From 1 July to 31 December working citizens have to make a choice, in what form the employer will keep their workbook in a new electronic format or still in paper form.

the law on the introduction of electronic work record cards entered into force on 1 January 2020. Now employers are required to provide Pension Fund data on employment, transfer to another workone way or the dismissal of employees. However, employees have the option of choosing the format of their labor. To notify employees about the possibility to choose paper or electronic workbook, as well as changes in the labour legislation, employers are obliged until 30 June.