What you have to drink to live longer

In China for some years, conducted a study to determine the effects of tea on human health – especially on cardiovascular system.

In the course of the project China-PAR, which started in 1998, it was found that the less exposed to the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and overall live longer than those who regularly drink green tea, says European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

it is Noted that the beneficial effects of this drink is associated with its biologically active ingredients polyphenols, which, in particular, reduce blood pressure and levels of lipids and lipoproteins (they are the main factors of CVD).

in addition, it is noted that green (not black) tea has such an impact on human health, since the production of black tea polyphenols are oxidized and lose their antioxidant properties.

as for the frequency of drinking green tea, this is because polyphenols in the human body for a long time is not stored, and for most effective results it is necessary to drink constantly.