What you need to fill, what to add: recipe for a healthier hash

the Summer heat and so you want hash… This is probably the most famous soup, which will easily satisfy your hunger in warm weather. Experts Roskoshestvo told what ingredients should prefer, and who hash are contraindicated.

the Dietician-endokrinolog, the doctor of medical Sciences Natalia Fadeeva said that a summer dish not only quickly saturates, but does not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Hash can become an additional source of liquid, because it contains a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs. Also, soup can fill the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

on average, the hash portion has a caloric value of 380-420 calories. Most of them are, or sausage, or ham — depending on who and what like to add.

the Nutritionist advises those who are watching their figure, to make okroshka on kefir low-fat or diluted with mineral water. Also, the seasoning will fit the Tang, but it will not please everyone due to the large amount of salt.

Those who love to cook summer soup on kvass, suggest to make this drink at home or prefer store-bought version, which does not contain sugar. Okroshka with such refueling, the expert recommended to eat for dinner, since it is the hottest time of the day. This dish is also suitable for a late dinner. By the way, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin once admitted that he prefers hash on the home brew, which he specially prepared by cooks.

not Hash suggest before sleeping, as added meats can contain tyrosine which does not allow the brain to sleep. In addition, the dish can cause flatulence and bloating.

There are people which experts advise to refrain from eating hash. In this category are those who suffer from ulcers, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also the dish cooked with drinks obtained by fermentation, is not recommended to use for people with cholelithiasis.

For those who have a craving, on the website of Roskoshestvo you can find recipes for hash. The experts also published a table calorie foods for a summer soup.

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