When minutes count: the traffic police rescued 3-year-old boy

In St. Petersburg on Friday, July 3, was discharged from the hospital three year old boy, who was saved only thanks to the traffic police. The child’s mother was at the cottage and riding his bike, fell, hit eye on metal rod. The account went for minutes, and to get to the hospital on the busiest Sunday night the road was almost impossible.

“Here they are, our heroes, Cyril, you remember, these are your saviors,” little Cyril hardly remember all the details of that ill-fated evening. In the early hours the boy was a shock, but parents will always remember — thanks to the heroism of the policemen managed to gain precious time and save your eyesight.

Kirill already discharged home. After a complicated surgery, he spent several days in the Children’s clinical center named rauchfuss. Apart from a few stitches, the baby feels good. The eyeball not affected, and therefore, Cyril will see.

the Tragedy occurred when the child was learning to ride a bike. One wrong move the wheel and the boy was in the pit where protruding metal fittings. The kid was bleeding, lost consciousness. Kirill’s mother Alice Barinov told:

— He was covered in blood, eyes can not see. We are very scared, I realized that as soon as possible it is necessary to take measures that the time to wait for the ambulance we have. Went to the nearest hospital in may and was met on the outskirts of our gardening on the highway the patrol car, asked them to accompany us.

the police Captain Yevhen olkhovyk and Sergeant Roman Linkevich has already finished the duty, but responded immediately. The track “Scandinavia” is always loaded, and Sunday night because of the truckers here blind plug. By incorporating flashing lights, circling along the side of the oncoming lane, the traffic police escorted the car, which drove the mother and the injured child.

the Nearest district hospital refused, she had converted only accept patients with COVID-19, moreover, there was no ophthalmology Department. The traffic police decided to go to Petersburg, where the child would be able to provide emergency assistance.

Roman and Eugene do the fathers so well understood the feelings of parents. To hundred kilometers. This distance DPS officers overcame in less than forty minutes. They were able to relax only when he passed the kid in the hands of doctors.

“From diagnosis was carried out in terms of brain injury. The long operation was conducted by ophthalmologists in terms of recovery tear duct and the salvation of the eye,” — said the chief doctor of the city Children’s multidisciplinary clinical center for advanced medical technology named after K. A. rauchfuss Vyacheslav Detkov.

Doctors call it a miracle, but timely police action was heroic. Managed to meet the so-called “Golden” hour, when minutes count.