Ballerina Anastasiya Volochkova commented issued her a ticket for a trip to Diveevo and violation of the quarantine. She noted that he did not know about the rules.

the Actress said that was Diveevo to visit the service in the Church. Then she went to the Holy spring along with his driver. For all time, Volochkova was not stopped. Only when the dancer went to the grocery store, and it’s showing up a Protocol on administrative offense, according to RIA Novosti.

the Above situation raised the indignation of the artist. “Where I was supposed to know that the village is closed?”, — said Anastasia. According to her, the introduction of quarantine was strange, because the monastery itself is open, there are a lot of people go to the service. “If you have closed Diveyevo, close the temples on castle,” said Volochkova. Ballerina drew attention to the fact that in addition to her Church had a lot of visitors — someone from Omsk, someone from Blagoveshchensk. Anastasia added that no protocols were not signed.

Governor of Nizhny Novgorod, Gleb Nikitin, said earlier that drew attention to the pictures of the ballerina, where she is depicted on the background of the temple, after he was approached by local residents. People were indignant that the “stars” can be everything. Now Volochkova is threatened with the penalty from 1 thousand rubles, and accompanied her man — 15 thousand.