Where no foot of a journalist: the unknown part of the work of the President in the Kremlin

Unique footage and personal revelation of the President, shooting those areas of the Kremlin, where never before had hit the journalists and answers of Vladimir Putin on the critical questions about how external and internal politics. All this you will see next Sunday, June 21, when at 22:00 on the channel “Russia 1” will be released documentary Paul Zarubin “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”. It Explorer RTR, worked for many years in the Kremlin pool, show and tell all that you still didn’t know about the President and his work. However, some of the secrets he lifted now.

the Main wing of the First building of the Kremlin. Exactly 20 years ago the President of Russia was elected Vladimir Putin.

a New perspective and a new look. In the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” on Sunday, 21 June at 22: 00 — shooting on the life and work of the President, which no one has ever seen.

Final preparations were directly at Putin. There are no mirrors, because I was motivated, looking in the reflection plate with the inscription “the President of the Russian Federation”.

In the waiting room had to wait a little longer — Putin held telephone talks. When we managed to get over there again, someone called.

This is a film, which will feature answers to many pressing questions. What are the problems Russia faces now, and can they be compared with those that were when Putin started to run the country?

— You have changed over these 20 years? How have You changed? Putin in 2000 and Putin 2020, you are still “a galley slave”?

the Conversation, which had no written script, because often it has gained unexpected momentum.

— And the secret is a room?

— No, there is a dining room and recreation room.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, who all this time stood apart, at the entrance to the office, was forced to literally yank forward, because it turned out that the President and crew absolutely without any accompaniment went where never the journalists.

I’m warning you: I didn’t cook anything there, so there, the working atmosphere..

the Sands caught us in seconds, but none of that is happening did not intervene and just watched.

One of the first interviews for the film was recorded, when it was still cold, and if you look closely, on the couch lying coat. So no special wardrobe is not here, but there is a secret room — items are only in our film.

— You’re here, probably, the first one I showed.

— Yes?


Here, in the Kremlin, what is energy, anyway?

— You know, I don’t even think about it.

We had to consider what lies at the Desk of the President — children’s drawings and crafts. This, apparently, gifts that are made by Putin during various trips. We asked the President about his grandchildren.

— here You Can call and get through?

— unable to Call, they call.

Personal revelation. What we show now, only a small part. Even more interesting moments in the film — rare footage of the sensational and presidential statements.

in Advance it was necessary to consider the route as a better and where to go to the Kremlin, to calmly and thoroughly talk. But, of course, the most important point, everything is already forgotten. The second statement, meanwhile, started to walk through other rooms to finally get in the same lobby.

had a long and interesting conversation, including about offending subordinates.

— In the office then you have what’s going on?

— Well, we have tough conversations

In the main corridors of the Kremlin constantly, of course, employees of the Federal security service. They become unwitting witnesses is very unusual for the silence nerastasth noise.

— now We entered a Suite of rooms, where, as we have seen, usually there are your foreign policy meetings.

Yes, it is.

the Questions that have long wanted to ask many, but the answers will sound only in the film “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”.

a few weeks before recording that interview, the President of Ukraine made statements that odious followed by some European politicians have put almost on a par with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

— well, this could affect future relationships?

I think for him, for Vladimir Alexandrovich, nothing good is not, bearing in mind that Ukraine itself suffered greatly during the Second world war.

the film Crew of VGTRK accompanied the President throughout the year in all his trips — in Dagestan, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk regions, in the near and far abroad. Hot comments on the go. Another interview recorded a few days — June 12.

“We meet on holidays”.

There we asked Putin and about the amendments to the Constitution, including his speech in the state Duma, when he responded to the initiative of deputies about the possibility of running for another term.

— You said “we’ll see”. You now for any decision made?

I will Answer only in “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” on Sunday, 21 June, exactly at 22: 00 on TV channel “Russia 1”.