Where the bad weekend weather: the weather forecasters

a holiday in the Central regions of European Russia from North to South with a few storm showers will shift a cold atmospheric front. He will divide the region in the cold North and hot South.

on Saturday a wave of heat will reach the Volga, and only in Sunday the weather will anticyclonic features, but yet will be cool. Only in the South of the territory will retain their positions Bastion of hot weather, reports weather Center FOBOS.

In Moscow — partly cloudy Friday showers and thunderstorms and +24…+26° Saturday in some places will be intermittent rain, cold to +18…+20°, and only on Sunday, no rain, +19…+21°.

In Saint-Petersburg weather this weekend to enjoy the sun and lack of rain, and the temperature is in the normal range, around +19…+21 degrees.

In the Russian North in the festive day is cold, will not do without rains, but weekend weather will gradually improve, the sun will peek out and begin to warm the air mass. In Murmansk and Arkhangelsk from +10…+12° on Friday to +22…+24° by Sunday. In Naryan-Mar and Syktyvkar +6…+8° to +12…+14° respectively.

In the black earth the feast will be summer-hot and Sunny. Saturday will prosomat thunderstorms, and Sunday colder. In Kursk, Voronezh and Lipetsk +30…+32° on Friday to +23…+25° on Sunday.

In the Volga region thunderstorms come in the afternoon hours of Friday, but cold air will drop to the banks of the Volga on Saturday. In Samara from +27…+29° on Friday to +19…+21° on Saturday and Sunday. In Nizhny Novgorod in a long weekend around +20…+22°. In Volgograd, no precipitation and +33…+35° and only to the resurrection will be at 4-5° cooler. In Astrakhan, hot and without rain, day +38…+40 degrees.

Sunk atmospheric front to the South of Russia. Places will pass short-term storm rains. In Rostov-on-don +30…+32°, in Krasnodar on Friday and Sunday around +30…+32° Saturday +25…+27°. In Yalta and Sevastopol +25…+27°, Sochi +23…+25°.

To the South of Western Siberia, the hot and Sunny anticyclone coming cold cloud vortex. In Omsk the feast is still hot, about +31°, but in the evening will be refreshing thunderstorms, and the weekend will be not above +18…+20°. In Novosibirsk the cold wave has come only to Sunday, lowering the temperature to +15…+17°, and on Friday and Saturday until about +24…+26°.

In Primorye and Khabarovsk region will dominate the vast cyclone, so the clouds and rain expected pretty much. In Khabarovsk +21…+23°. In Vladivostok— +17…+19°.