Responsible for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova took control of the situation with the boys in Sheremetyevo airport my father left. Two brothers found in terminal D. In the backpack and found a note. What’s in it?

Here they are, abandoned by his father alone in a strange city. The two brothers, wrapped in a jacket, the staff of linear police Sheremetyevo airport are running almost in a car to pass in medical institution.

“Children were under the supervision of police officers. At present, operative-search measures to find the father of the boys,” told the inspector on Affairs of minors of linear Department of the MIA of Russia in the Sheremetyevo airport Natalia Kovalova.

Police children have told that arrived in Moscow together with his father from Khabarovsk. After landing, he left them in the terminal D, and he disappeared. Not lost, and fled. In the backpack, which was left to the brothers, for both boys, a copy of the documents — where indicated 41-year-old resident of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Victor Gavrilov. And a note: “will return again, and yet children can’t afford”.

“the boys were discovered things, documents, birth certificate, and notes, presumably from his father. Because it has been left copies of paternity and copy of passport. A man reported that due to financial difficulties he can’t take care of the children. Asked to take care of them and not tear them apart. Wrote in the note that he, presumably, they will be able to soon pick up. Now the kids will be taken to the hospital for examination. Will pass the tests. We’ve been contacted by the Commissioner of Khabarovsk territory, where, presumably, children. Now we are going to look for relatives and mother,” — says the incident, Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region Ksenia Mironova.

By the way, in this family to leave children, apparently, the usual thing. The boys explained that already was before.

“After we found the relatives and found all the circumstances of the abandonment of children, it will be clear what decision must be taken in the best interest of these guys. Of course, now we boys won’t leave. Most importantly is that they as soon as possible was in a loving family,” — said the representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova.

the Boys in the hospital now. They will be working psychologists.