While in jail, the former Director of travel Agency

the Court of Khabarovsk has pronounced a sentence on the second criminal case against former Director of travel Agency “Vell-round.” As defendant 45-year-old man cheated of about 20 clients. Themis took the side of the prosecution, the correspondent GTRK “Amur” in the air “Russia 1”.

Vitaly Kirillov waited for the verdict is already in jail. We will remind, in the autumn of 2019, he was convicted of fraud in especially large size. As a result, the Khabarovsk received 5 years and 10 months in a penal colony.

For all the time, while there were hearings, meetings postponed due to the two years that listened to both cases, the process was postponed several times due to motions of the accused about being unwell. However, each time the doctors had determined that with the head of “Vell-Tur,” all right.

the Victim in the first case were 11 people. They all bought tickets abroad, however, before departure or in another country figured out that a travel agent is not paid vacation.

“I have Not been provided by a tourism product can provide moral damages, distress. Planned to fly together with a friend, but it affected the whole family as we have relatives with disabilities”, — the victim told Natalia Ostanina.

Now Kirillova accused that as the defendant, he cheated at least 20 customers. During investigative actions it was justified by the fact that in 2014 tourist company was in financial difficulty, and promised to return all the money, but the public prosecution denied this information.

“the Crimes were committed from February to August 2018. During this period the victims were 27 people. The damage amounted to about two million rubles. In court, he stated his intention to repair the damage. However, until now did not,” said senior assistant attorney Ekaterina Pankratova.

the Court took into account the presence of the defendant’s two minor children (one of them was born at a time when he was in jail) and sentenced the Directors of the company to 5 years of imprisonment. By partial addition of the appointed punishments he will hold in a General regime colony for 7 years.

Text: GTRK “Dalnevostochnaya”