Who: Europe recorded a new surge of coronavirus

last week in Europe recorded an increase in the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus. This was stated by Director of European regional Bureau of world health organization Hans Kluge.

In thirty countries of the region over the last two weeks have observed a disappointing trend for the coronavirus. According to Kluge, in eleven of them the rapid spread of COVID-19 may be the reason for the resumption of the epidemic. The representative of who drew attention to the fact that if you do not stop the ongoing process, he again will push health systems of several European countries to “the brink”, according to RIA Novosti.

Hans Kluge said earlier that the removal of previously imposed restrictions can create a risk of new outbreaks of coronavirus.

as for Russia, the country in total recorded 613 994 people who contracted the infection. In recent days, according oberstab on 25 June, it was revealed that 7 of 113 new cases of the disease.

Earlier, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the capital for a week the number of patients with coronavirus decreased by 37 percent.