Who expert urged not to be treated pickles and cheese

the Negative effects of plentiful new year’s feasts will not be able to eliminate pickled vegetables, sauerkraut or cheese. These products are not medicines and are not able to positively affect the liver. This was stated by the expert of division for food safety, the who’s Peter Ben Embarek.

Those who did not restrain his gastronomic wishes during new year’s eve began to agitate the question of how to help your own liver to cope with such intense holidays.

Chinese scientists, for example, found that are included with probiotics and fermented milk products lactic acid bacteria are beneficial to intestinal flora. They also restore the liver damage associated with alcohol. The results of the study were published in the journal of Medicinal Food in early December of 2019, RIA Novosti reported.

However, in the world health organization have not confirmed this information. Expert who noted that several products, it is impossible to compensate for bad food or excesses during the holidays. He also added that the old advice to eat everything in moderation is still the best advice.

the world health organization thus recommends not to overdo it with salads and champagne for the holiday table and move more.