Who Holds the Record for the Most Economical Spell in T20Is?

Canada’s Saad Bin Zafar bowled an impressive four-over spell without conceding any runs against Panama in 2021. This outstanding performance showcased his skill and precision on the field.

Was USA’s Victory Over Pakistan the Biggest World Cup Upset?

The United States’ win over Pakistan in a thrilling match that went to a Super Over in Dallas last week has sparked discussions about major upsets in World Cup history. While there are no official rankings for such events, many consider this victory to be one of the most significant upsets in the tournament’s history. The match marked the 14th win by a non-Test-playing country over a Test nation in T20 World Cup history, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Who Has Been Dismissed for 299 in First-Class Matches?

Only two batters have faced the unfortunate fate of being dismissed for 299 in first-class matches. The first instance was New Zealand’s Martin Crowe in a Test match against Sri Lanka in 1990-91. Crowe’s emotional reaction to falling just short of 300 highlighted the immense pressure and disappointment of missing out on a significant milestone. Another player, Glamorgan’s Michael Powell, experienced a similar heartbreak in a Championship match against Gloucestershire in 2006. These rare occurrences serve as reminders of the fine margins and mental challenges in cricket.

Have Any Women Scored Two Centuries in the Same Test Match?

While no woman has achieved the feat of scoring two centuries in the same Test match, there have been notable performances by female cricketers in international cricket. Players like India’s Sandhya Agarwal and New Zealand’s Emily Drumm have come close to achieving this milestone with impressive scores in Test matches against strong opponents. These instances highlight the skill and talent of women cricketers on the international stage.

When Did Two Bowlers Take All Ten Wickets in an Innings on the Same Day?

On June 20, 1921, a rare occurrence took place in first-class cricket when two bowlers managed to take all ten wickets in an innings on the same day. Billy Bestwick achieved this feat for Glamorgan against Derbyshire, while Jack White accomplished the same for Worcestershire against Somerset. These exceptional performances made headlines and demonstrated the skill and determination of these bowlers on the field. Such moments in cricket history showcase the unique and unpredictable nature of the sport.

Steven Lynch is the editor of the updated edition of Wisden on the Ashes.