Who: not yet established, as COVID-19 transmitted from animals to humans

Scientists have not yet been able to establish, the handover of a new type of coronavirus from animals to humans.

As transfers TASS, the world public was informed of the main scientific expert of the world health organization (who) Sumia Swaminathan, summing up the scientific forum, which was held in Geneva on 1-2 July.

She told reporters that about 1,300 experts from 93 States discussed the reasons for the spread of infection, ways of transmission and precautions from it.

Swaminathan said that the end is not yet clear how the virus crossed the barrier between animals and humans. However, she noted that the risk of disease from Pets is very low.

Chief research specialist who also reported that 15-17 developers of vaccines against coronavirus, which is already conducting clinical trials in humans, announced on his plans.

At the moment in the world recorded 10 923 460 infections COVID-19. 6 106 658 people were cured, 521 490 died.