Who: Russia demonstrates a plateau

the Incidence of coronavirus in Russia “reached a plateau”, said Friday at a briefing in Geneva, the official representative of the world health organization, Margaret Harris, TASS reports.

Harris appreciated the extensive coverage of testing for the presence of infection.

She noted that it is also necessary to identify people who can potentially be vulnerable to infection. “It is very important to implement measures of social distancing” — said Harris.

Regarding Russia June 24 Victory parade, Harris recalled that it is necessary to assess risk and establish security measures to prevent transmission of coronavirus infection”.

Earlier, the who representative in Russia, Melita Vujnović, said that the Moscow authorities introduced restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus has shown its effectiveness.

Vujnović reminded about the importance of observing precautionary measures such as distancing, hand hygiene, seeking medical attention at the onset of symptoms, compliance with the isolation to protect others and loved ones, as “the behaviour of the virus is determined by the behavior of people.”

As previously reported, on may 26 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared about the parade on June 24. He explained that he chose this date because on June 24, 1945 took place the legendary historical Victory Parade, when the red square were the soldiers who fought at Moscow and defended Leningrad, fought at Stalingrad, liberated Europe, taking Berlin by storm.