Who, where, whom? Psychologists told how to cheat

researchers from the UK and the Netherlands found that men more often than women consider themselves to be good liars. Also, according to new data, representatives of the stronger sex often prefer to lie to others in the face. In addition, they are more likely than women to believe that cheat get away with it.

Studies show that people are not so good at detecting lies as you think. In the best case most of us the chance to recognise the fraud is 50 to 50.

“[the new work] we wanted to focus on those who know how to lie, and to understand how they do it,” explains the study’s lead author brianna Verigin (Peter Verigin) from Portsmouth University.

a Team of psychologists interviewed 97 women and 95 men, whose average age was 39 years.

Respondents answered a number of questions, including about how (in their opinion) they succeeded in a lie, how many times they lied in the last 24 hours, what was the lie and how they lied (in the opponent’s face or through other means, for example, in online correspondence).

“We found significant relationship between “expertise lies” and the floor. Men are more than twice as likely as women considered themselves successful liars who lie got away with it”, – shares the results of Verigin.

According to her, previous work has shown that most people lie once or twice a day. However, in this case the majority of the respondents were not lied to on a daily basis.

However, the scientists were allocated a small group of the most prolific liars that have deceived more than others. On account of 40% of all frauds reported in the study.

And the better the man, in his own opinion, lying to others, the more often he does it.

they Also found that “liars-experts” prefer to lie in the face.

Another observation is that the most experienced liars just love to talk and often lying to family, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues. But employers and other “authority figures” they are fraudsvayut less.

“the Most prolific liars rely heavily on his eloquence, weaving lies into the truth, so others it becomes difficult to tell the difference. They are better than most [other people], disguise the lies in the apparently simple, clear stories, which are more difficult to doubt”, – said Verigin.

Actually, believable lie was one of the key strategies of the most experienced liars. Another technique – not to give a lot of information (probably so the opponent couldn’t catch fraud on the mismatch details).

Another common strategy was not to provide a specific, accurate information, and to say more vague. Those people who, in their opinion, did not know how to lie, in the case of fraud often adhere to this strategy.

But the liars-Pro added that the ability to create a story with some truth complicates the detection of deception.

According to the authors, in their “ranking frauds” the most common was a white lie. Next is an exaggeration, withholding information, lies, mixed with truth, and outright fabrications.

as for the situations in which liars lied to his opponents, it is most preferred to lie in the face, a little less – in text messages. Later in this “rating” there is talk on the phone, communicating via email and social networks.

Psychologists say that wish to separately examine the experience of “liars-experts” and the strategy of mixing lies with true information and facts that cannot be verified.

On the work done and their findings, the team recounts in an article published in the journal PLOS ONE.

by the Way, before “Conduct.Science” (nauka.vesti.ru) wrote about the first online-a polygraph that detects fraud via text messages. We also told how people behave, before to deceive the partner, and who better to hide cheating men or women.

Text: News.Science