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“Why are they doing this” in Moscow unknown burned the tomb decl

"Why are they doing this" in Moscow unknown burned the tomb decl

Unknown persons set fire to the grave Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, better known as Decl. This was told on his page on Instagram the mother of the musician.

“That’s so someone decided to wish me a merry Christmas — burned the grave of my son. Who are these people, I don’t know. And why would they do that?” — appealed to followers Irina Tolmatsky.

the Incident occurred at the Pyatnitskoye cemetery in the night from 25 to 26 December. The mother of the rapper went to investigate the administration. She was told that it could make the fans decl, because every day they come to his grave and light candles. A fire could occur by negligence, according to Mash.

the father of the musician Alexander Tolmatsky commented on “Moscow 24” the incident. According to him, the cause of the fire can really be the spark. Tolmatsky said that if this is arson, then this can be called rudeness, but the father doubts criminal intent: “There’s just a lot of standing wreaths, flowers, pictures.”

As RIA Novosti reported, to restore the cross will be on Friday, December 27. Tomorrow morning at the grave will come assistants who will clean all that burned.

Decl, died February 3 at the age of 35 years. He became ill after a concert in Izhevsk. The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

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