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“Why are you hitting me”: a video posted last argument with Sokolov Yeshchenko


In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the last words of historian Oleg Sokolov with his beloved Anastasia Yeshchenko. Presumably, the recording was made shortly before the murder of PhD student.

Videos on your mobile phone shooting himself Oleg Sokolov. Published footage shows how Eschenko in a hysterics shouts: “I Hate you! Get out of the way! Let me go!”. The historian says that will not go away. Anastasia says: “Go away, I don’t love you anymore.” Sokolov has responded to this phrase with the following words: “Understand, I understand.”

Then she tries to go, but the historian rejects her. This causes strong reaction from Yeshchenko: “why are you hitting me? Who gave you the right to hit me?”. Graduate student hits the phone, it flies off to the side. After beloved historian runs out of the apartment, and Sokolov goes after her.

Judging by the video, the couple was tense, according to “Wash 78”. Protection of the historian intends to use the footage as a mitigating circumstance for him, because they are able to demonstrate the relationship of the victim to the man.

According to the lawyer Alexander Sokolov Pochueva, a video “leaked” to the Network not he, but someone from the court staff or judicial-medical examination. The lawyer said that the movie has already influenced the progress of the case, because it set the signs of prolonged traumatic situation for the historian, which became the cause of the tragedy, according to “360”.

the Sensational murder took place in November 2019. Oleg Sokolov was found in the river the Sink when he tried to drown the remains of Anastasia Yeshchenko. Other fragments of the body found in the apartment of the historian.

Earlier it was reported that Sokolov refused the services of a lawyer Pochueva and his assistant, because he received death threats over them.