Will appear in Kaliningrad rehabilitation centre for wheelchair users

the Delegation from Sweden discussed with the Kaliningrad public questions rehabilitation. We are talking not only about those who lost hearing, sight, or confined to a wheelchair, but also about people with mental characteristics.

the Guests told about the benefits day rehabilitation centres, where experts help people with disabilities learn to independently cope with everyday chores, without lifting the man from his family, home and familiar life.

the Experience of colleagues from Sweden Kaliningrad specialists will be able to apply in the new rehabilitation center, reports GTRK “Kaliningrad”. It will be built on a grant from the European Union, which won the public organization “Kovcheg”. There are disabled people will help to adapt in society and to find a suitable job.

Open the doors of the hope centre in 2021. Hans-jørgen Walked head of the Department of social services administration Halmstad, said:

— it depends on the type of disability, but the most important is the desire to achieve long-term goals and an integrated approach, continuous work. Rehabilitation takes time, the main thing to improve was fixed and intensified.

Alex Fesak, Deputy Minister of social policy of the Kaliningrad region, said:

— it is important For us to organize methodological support to develop a regulatory framework to be able to send to the rehabilitation of the needy persons with disabilities. To rehabilitation services have not on a grant, i.e. a temporary basis, and on an ongoing subsidizing these services from the budget of the Kaliningrad region.

Text: GTRK “Kaliningrad”